Vacuum Boy

Have you been a dirty little fucking boy?? Mommy has not been pleased with your disobedience. You’re practically begging to be sucked into my vacuum bag aren’t you?? I hope you’re ready to be punished. You belong in the dark. Abandoned in the corner of Mommy’s bag. Maybe your punishment will teach you to listen better!!



Sit down. Be still. The sounds of metal clanking. Slowly placing the blindfold over your eyes. Tightly securing it behind your head. Pressure. Your head being strapped down. Immobilized completely. Open wide. Pushing into your mouth. A familiar feeling. Goddess Ava’s favorite. The ring gag. Leather. Strap by strap you are completely bound. Unable to move an inch. A seductive yet twisted laugh escapes her venomous lips. Unzipping. Big breasts escaping a tight latex bodysuit. Muffled. Jammed. Breasts fill the ring gag allowing no room for air. Suffocating his pleas for mercy. Sadistic. Sinister. Dark fantasies being taken out on another victim. His face starting to change color. Slowly removing those big breasts. Gasp. So close to death, yet so close to the edge. No pleasure goes unpunished. Not in my dungeon.


Fall Fun

As the fall season slowly approaches I can’t help but have this intense craving for some spontaneity. This indescribable desire I have had for some time now. Taking a little vacation to a private cabin in the woods. Snow perfectly covering the landscape around it. The large stone fireplace sitting right in front of a soft fur rug. The perfect place for some phenomenal foreplay to take place.

We lay side by side in front of the fire, I lean towards him softly kissing his neck. Taking some ice and slowly tracing in down his chest, sending chills through his body. Our naked silhouettes illuminated in the candles flickering light. My delicate hands finding their way down to his already throbbing cock. Leaning down and placing my soft lips to his head.

With each stroke taking more and more of his throbbing cock into my mouth. As he pulses harder and harder I can feel him getting closer and closer. Just before hes about to cum, I pause. Removing my hands and taking my feather flogger and gently teasing his sensitive cock. It gets me so wet just watching as I edge him further and further. Making absolutely sure he does not cum until I say.

Nothing turns me on more than look of pure desperation on his face as he is completely in my control. He knows his cock belongs to Goddess Ava, and now begins his slut training. As I lay back and spread my legs I firmly grab him swollen cock. Placing his head softly on my wet pussy lips. Slowly teasing his throbbing cock with the feeling of my tight pink

After edging him over and over again I’ve decided to finally let him cum. His breathing getting heavier and faster as I guide him inside of me. Forcing his hard cock into my tight little pink pussy. His balls tight and full of cum just begging to be released. Feeling him beginning to tremble I whispered into his ear “cum for Goddess Ava, empty those balls for me”. Another stroke and he let out a gasp, his toes curling, as Goddess Ava drained every last bit of cum from her little slut……


Below Me

I don’t think you really realize just how truly pathetic you are. Your begging and pleading at my feet just makes you look that much more sad and worthless. Your small cock is a perfect example of how your manhood is nonexistent and deserves to be crushed under my heels. It looks like your only use is to be cleaning my heels spotless with that pathetic mouth of yours.


Sissy Pamela

I love hearing about how you have those shoe laces and stocking wrapped so tightly around your cock Pamela. Hearing about your little orange shorts and the stockings from the waitress on your head and around your mouth. Stroking your cock in your black bra and heels. Knowing how much of a naughty little sissy slut you are Pamela. You need to know how gay you look dressed in your Hooter’s shorts Pamela. Breathe in the scent of that waitress while you jack off Pamela.



I can’t wait to get my revenge on her tight little ass when I get to
make her my spanking slut. She knows exactly what it’s like to have that
paddle and be lashing me over my ass time and time again and now it’s my
turn to make her feel the same. I want to see those black stockings
framing your ass as you’re bent over the bed and I get the leather paddle
ready. So ready to mark and bruise that ass just like you did to me ;)