Sit down. Be still. The sounds of metal clanking. Slowly placing the blindfold over your eyes. Tightly securing it behind your head. Pressure. Your head being strapped down. Immobilized completely. Open wide. Pushing into your mouth. A familiar feeling. Goddess Ava’s favorite. The ring gag. Leather. Strap by strap you are completely bound. Unable to move an inch. A seductive yet twisted laugh escapes her venomous lips. Unzipping. Big breasts escaping a tight latex bodysuit. Muffled. Jammed. Breasts fill the ring gag allowing no room for air. Suffocating his pleas for mercy. Sadistic. Sinister. Dark fantasies being taken out on another victim. His face starting to change color. Slowly removing those big breasts. Gasp. So close to death, yet so close to the edge. No pleasure goes unpunished. Not in my dungeon.

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