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Age: 26
Cup Size: 34dd.24.34
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Likes: oral play, tease and denial, long foreplay sessions, sweet little sissies, cross dressers, multiple orgasms, big stiff cocks, Sensual Domme, pantyhose, dirty little secrets, rough sex, all things taboo, doggy style, steamy role plays, intellectual conversations, fucking outdoors, and all of your deepest desires.
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Hey handsome, I'm Christie, a cute, seductive, talented, and playful sex
kitten ready to pounce. I am here to show you how intelligent and
creative I am once you divulge your wildest fantasies to me. We can
explore any topic your perverted little mind can muster.

If you've talked to me before, which I'm sure you have, you know that I
have a very soothing, sultry voice. If you haven't talked to me, let's
fix that as soon as possible. Don't let my sweet voice fool you, I've got
plenty of tricks up my sleeve and a tenacious wild streak. I'll go as
hard as you like while subtly pushing your limits. You'll find it very
easy to let me take control.

I've spent long time with Your Desires and I've gained a lot of
experience. I'm more in touch with my Dominant side than ever before. I
always knew I was a bad girl and it now I get to use it to my advantage.
Do you need a ruthless, yet nurturing Goddess to instruct you to tease
your cock until you're so close to the edge you can't stand it? Obey and I
might let you come. Do you have any toys? Yes? Pill down those panties
and spread those cheeks so I can fuck your brains out. It would be in
your best interest not to resit. Do you like pain? Maybe a severe
beating for your disobedience is in store. Or some light (or extreme) CBT?
Oh, you want me to humiliate your inadequacies? I can do that.

I don't put myself into one box. I'm always open to a vanilla call if
that's your desire. Here's a little challenge for you; how many times do
you think you can make me cum in a single call? What roleplay makes your
cock hard? I also welcome perverse, taboo, and kinky calls. If I can
dish it out, I can take it just as well. This girl knows how to be your
compliant little phone slut, so eager to please.

It goes without saying that I have a little exhibitionist in me. The
thrill of being caught in the middle of a sexual encounter gets me so
fired up. I'll discretely fuck you in public places, anywhere we're not
truly alone. I particularly enjoy long treks through woods that have
barely been touched. I wouldn't mind if you decided you want to tie me to
a tree and fuck my brains out.

Of course I love to be stimulated sexually. But I also love intellectual
stimulation. If you want to call me to talk, I'll be a kind, nonjudgmental
listening ear. If you happen to be on the argumentative side, I positively
love having passionate angry sex after a heated debate. Maybe your cock
could convince me I'm wrong.

Do you want the remains of my torn pantyhose as a souvenir from when you
ravaged me? Maybe you'd like to dress up in my lingerie? Or do you just
want a pair of panties so you can see how wet I get for you? All you have
to do is ask.

Interested in some internet foreplay before you call? Come find me as
ComeOnChristie on AOL, or ChristieForYourDesires on Yahoo. The screen
name really says it all. I'd let you cum anywhere you want, in me, on my
face, in my hair. My personal favorite is you pulling out and releasing
that hot load in my mouth as you watch it dribble down my chin, and all
over my perfect tits.

Feel free to email me at If I am not here to
play, send an email to to take a peek at
my weekly schedule. I am more than willing to set up an appointment if my
playtimes don't match your schedule.

Go ahead, take a chance with me. I'm only a phone call away and I know
I'll satisfy your every fantasy with some hot, XXX phone sex. You'll be
begging for more in no time.