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Age: 28
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Likes: Likes: I love sex, and especially orgasms. Watching porn always gets my juices flowing, and I really enjoy hot role plays and sharing fantasies. I'm a switch and enjoy being Domme or sub, CBT, cumsluts, sissies, and slaves. I'll dress pretty for you, or you can dress pretty for me! Call me and share Your desires.
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Hello sexy!!

This naughty nympho is super excited to fulfill all of YOUR desires!

I love to watch porn. Seeing hot positions, hard cocks, and wet pussies
always gets my juices flowing. Wanna watch together? I love to enjoy
porn while I'm being a naughty little nympho on the phone with you.

Forbidden Fantasies. Shhhh! I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours! I
love hearing all the naughty, taboo thoughts running around in your head.
I have tons of them to share, too. Or we can role play our fantasies!
It's so much fun to share forbidden fantasies, role play them, and enjoy
some hot phone sex too!

One, two, three, switch! I love to be a sensual Domme or your naughty
little cumslut. Tell me how to please you, and I'll be your good little
girl. Or I'll tease and deny you until you're begging your Mistress for
release. Perhaps I'll lay back and let you worship every inch of this
beautiful Goddess's body. Maybe I'll put on my leather skirt, grab my
floggers, whips, and paddles, and punish my naughty slut! Does my pretty
little sissy need some fashion advice? I'll dress you up in pink frilly
outfits and parade you around for my amusement!

I like dressing up too! I love wearing anything pretty and sexy: a tight,
sexy dress with thigh highs and heels, a cute little maid outfit, or just
a lacy bra and panties. Whatever I am wearing, I'll take it off just for
you. Or maybe you want to rip the clothes from my body?

Remember those panties that I was wearing for you? They're nice and wet
from our hot session of sex on the phone! Should I send them to you? Just
ask me, and they're yours! My panties start at only $50. Email me at to find out how to get a special package in the mail
from me.

Sex is my favorite hobby. I love to try new things several times. Share
your kinks and fetishes with me, and let's enjoy them together! Trying
something new or even thinking about it gets me going. Give me a call on
the Your Desires phone sex line to share your new sex adventure with me!

It's only $25.89 for up to 15 minutes, and only $45.89 for up to 30
minutes of tantalizing play time. After the first 30 minutes, it's only
$1.00 per minute with this naughty nympho.

Make sure to click on the links to my Thoughts and Fantasies to see what
naughty things have been on this nympho's mind!

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Call me: (360) 709-0100 or (360) 412-8211

Your naughty nympho,