Hi, I'm Zivia for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.709.0100 (ask for Zivia) or E-Mail me @ "Zivia@YourDesires.com"
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Age: 26
Cup Size: 34b.24.36
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Likes: Hot role plays, sexy toys, filthy talk, masturbation, swallowing your cum, being spanked, exploring new things.
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Hi, my name is Zivia, and am returning to YourDesires after an extended vacation. I tend to be on the submissive side. I like a dominant male to take control, open to new sexual adventures. I start out shy, but open up pretty quickly. I am very sexual, sensual, I am extremely passionate and adventurous. I am hoping to open up more, and maybe take the wheel to sexual fantasies. Come play with me, and help me discover the more desirable me.

I love fantasy play, role plays involving spontaneous, public sex. I want
you to take me anywhere, anytime. I enjoy being daddy's little girl and
fuck toy. Body shots and having you worship my body with your tongue and
lips. Playing with other girls while you watch or listen is a huge turn on
for me. Fucking you with a strap on and being the dominant one, teaching
you to suck my cock, dominatrix in training, cock training, punishing you
for being such a naughty boy. Open to try anything and everything.Open up
your mind, and every unspeakable, dirty, unthinkable thought, call me and
tell me about it. I would love to listen and play with you.

One of the things I really like are role plays. Pulling me into your fantasy as sexy, desirable, and making you want me till you bust. I can be anything you want me to be, mold me, use me. I enjoy toys, and am open to try new toys, as well as potions, lotions, creams, sensitivity intensifiers. I love to talk dirty and be talked dirty to, it makes me soooo wet. I enjoy listening to you play with yourself and you hearing me get off. I also love oral sex, tell you how I want to give you head, and hear how you would eat this pussy. I enjoy being spanked and my hair pulled as you make me moan and scream in ecstasy. I am also open to exploring new things, and learning more about what gets me off. Relax me, touch me, tease me, turn me on to new ideas and sexual fantasies. Tell me how bad you want and desire me, play with me. Take control and tell me what you want to do to me, and vice verse. Show me how you want me, bring your fantasy to life. I love romance, passion, kissing, caressing from making love to fucking. I love to be kissed and dressed. My neck and titties sucked on, it makes my toes curl. I enjoy sucking dick, giving oral sex and receiving, and the occasional threesome two girls and one guy) I am very sexual, and very needy. I have a health sexual appetite that is hard to curb. I also enjoy occasional anal sex, easy boys, nice and slow, ease it in, relax me, then go hard.

I enjoy being your sexual fantasy play toy, use me, need me, I wanna make you cum multiple times, pleasure you every possible way. Arouse me by listening to you, make me feel your big, hard throbbing cock in my tight, hot, wet pussy. I want your experience at your desires with me, as realistic as possible, your fantasy to be extremely fulfilling, and make you wanna cum back for more. Open up to your sexual desires and fantasies. Guide me into your fantasies and make me your reality. I want to hear the sound of you cumming, as I cum with you.

You can find me to play at SoSweetZivia on Trillian, or send me an email at Zivia@yourdesires.com

I also love to sell my panties when I have worn them while on our call. ;)