Its so hot outside…

I love when it gets this hot out, It gives me an excuse to walk around the house naked and tease the other girls! Its a lot of fun to walk into the girls rooms and give them a little private show! (Not that I wouldn’t let you watch of course! ;) ) I enjoy making these girls want me more than anything else. The ultimate goal is to tease them enough that they beg me to fuck them. I think there almost to the breaking point. Care to help me finish them off?

2 comments to Its so hot outside…

  • Amber

    Yeah you just like coming down to my room because I have the chains and paddles! you little Minx

  • Alli

    Of course I do! Its no secret that I come down to tease you simply for the paddling you’ll give me! I always leave your room with a sexy shade of red on my ass!

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