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Amber’s Fantasies

Sweet bitch – part one.

“She is beautiful isn’t she?” DaddySir whispered to me as this wonderful sexy woman walked by our table at the club. “Do you think she screams like you do when she cums?”

“I don’t know DaddySir, but I would love to find out” I say breathlessly as she walks back by our table again, but this time she stops for just a moment and I could swear I could see a light smile playing on her lips.

“Go find out, bitch” he growled into my ear as he grabbed my hair and kissed me hard before pushing me away and towards the bar.

Seeing her standing there was breathtaking for sure. Her long dark locks falling well below her shoulders and her legs so tan and so tone beneath her soft short skirt. I walked up and stood beside her- I know this had to make my DaddySir rock hard at this point, as we were matching beauties with long dark hair, bare shoulders and tanned tone strong legs, just the way he likes his ladies.

Buying her a drink seemed like the right way to make sure she noticed me and when I asked what she was drinking she about knocked me on my ass with her reply- “Hopefully both of your cum tonight” was purred out of a mouth as soft looking as cherry cheesecake and lips as twice as red.

“Well then, you should follow me to my Sir and ask him nicely” I ordered as I took her by the hand and led her back to our table. Giggling to myself as his eyes sparkled watching his little girl be all bold and sexy.

She stood quietly as I slid my body next to hers and told him that she had something she would like to ask him. I could tell she was sizing up the situation to see if she should go for bold or meek and that just would not do, not tonight, so I grabbed her by the back of her hair and forcefully told her to speak up or get stepping because My Sir said the leash was coming off tonight and I wanted to play with another strong lady. We could both hear her breath catch in her throat as she tried to hide it and ask if we wanted her to join us.

Daddy Sir just looked at me and told us both that only if I wished and she had better make sure that his girl was very happy by the end of the night.

….. to be continued next week….


Isn’t funny how some of the littlest things can set off a new craving?

Just got the best Mani/Pedi, as he was rubbing my feet and caressing my toes I felt my pussy getting wetter.

I am sure he could smell my arousal because he kept rubbing my felt slower and softer but with a wonderful firm touch.

When he put my foot on his upper thigh, my breath caught in my throat. It was so very close to his hardening cock so I “accidentally” let my foot drop into his lap and he didn’t move it away. He just looked at me and smiled as he opened his legs up a touch more and continued rubbing my other foot.

I ran my foot over his cock and he moaned just a little bit before bumping my my arm with his elbow, pushing my foot harder against his cock as he smiled and moved his hip.

He looked around the crowd spa and then quietly unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out just a small amount and put my feet down into his lap so I could start to rub his cock between my feet as he rubbed my hands.

It felt so good when he slid his hand down to cup my feet around his cock and started thrusting in and out of my feet, I loved feeling how hard he was and yet his cock was so soft between them. He held my feet even tighter as he started to bite his lip, smiling at me and came all over my pretty pink toes.

I loved seeing the cum drip off of my toes as he brought them up to his mouth to lick them clean.

I can’t stop thinking about it and wishing he would have shoved his fist into my soaking wet pussy to let me cum with him also, but he made sure to set up another appointment but this time for a Brazilian waxing in a private room and I can not wait.

When she said I could do anything I wanted to.. I raised my eyebrows and said Oh really? anything? as I unbuttoned her shirt and kissed her slowly from her neck to her collar bone.

“Darling, if you say anything you know you open up wide wide world of many things I could do to you, and not all of them could be something you may want.” I whispered against her skin as my tongue traced it’s way down into her cleavage.

She shivered as I bit down a little and moaned as I ripped her shirt open.

I loved the way her breath caught in her throat as I lifted her arms up above her head to tie them and strung them up to the hook in our bedroom ceiling.

“Anything darling… even this?” I asked as I cut off her bra and squeezed her nipples super hard to make her scream out in pain.

“Or this?” I asked as I sprayed the Biofreeze on her now rock hard nipples. I knew she loved the way the cold felt on them even tho she kept saying no no no.

“Or this” I asked as I pulled down her soft pants and panties to expose her beautiful pussy. I loved the way she stood there in all her naked glory, and really loved the way she groaned as I shoved my fist deep inside of her pussy to make her scream

“Oh my beautiful one, I love you beyond words” I said thrusting inside and out of her as she started to right my fist even harder.

She looked at me with the hungerest eyes I have come to love and screamed in pleasure as her juices flood down my wrist and her thighs.

I let her keep riding my fist as she slowly came down. Her shivers starting to subside as she began to drift off into subspace, I untied her arms and wrapped her in mine.

I walked her to bed, laid her down and kissed her softly. “I love it when you do anything for me” I said as I slid into our bed and wrapped her back in my arms to fall fast asleep.

*** This is am amazing story that came about while writing with my friend
W. – Enjoy

Part one-

So I needed to get a new suit and shoes to mix it up at work.
I went from store to store at the mall but was having no luck.I
finally went into a more boutique style store and stopped dead in
tracks when I saw the sales girl approaching as she was beautiful.

Dark hair and beautiful eyes with nice tits gets me every time! She was
wearing a low cut white shirt that was unbuttoned just enough to get a
nice look at her cleavage and also show off the nipples poking through
that proved she wasn’t wearing a bra today.

Her skirt was black and short and she was wearing black high heels and
walked with grace that screamed both class and sass as she sauntered up to
me with hips swaying and tits bouncing. The fake eyeglasses had me hooked
in a second and was the final straw for me of being officially
turned on and getting horny.

You came up to me and shook my hand firmly and said “Hi, I’m Amber,
what can I do for you today?”

I was momentarily speechless as you held my hand a little too long as you
appraised me in my grey slacks and white polo. I said what I needed and
you looked me up and down again as if eyeing a piece of meat.
You started sizing me up and briefly would touch my arms, shoulders, legs,
and even inner thighs as if you were measuring me but you had no tape
measure in your hands.

I asked about that and you said you would grab it in a minute but for the
moment you were simply trying to get my measure. As you were subtly
fondling me, a couple of co-workers of yours would occasionally walk by us
and smile professionally as they watched you work.

You told me to sit down so you could measure my foot size and as soon as
you got on your knees and bent over, I had a perfect view of your
cleavage and a nipple. You took a long time measuring my foot and
once you even fell back on your butt and I got a nice shot of your
pantie crotch.

We both had a good laugh about it as you went back to
work. I hope you don’t notice my cock getting hard as you finish
measuring my foot size…..

Your turn:)
Huts so good… so many people that are starting in BDSM talk about being
a “pain slut” but there is so much more to being a masochistic pain slut
than just enjoying a spanking.

I have the pleasure of both being a pain-loving masochist and playing with
one. I love both sides of that coin and there is so much more to learn as
I grow in my life as a sweet sadist.

I loved the way the cold metal of the cuffs bit into her wrists, watching
as her eyelids grew heavy while her breaths quietly came in small gasps. I
loved the way her body shivered slightly as she anticipated the next blow
of leather against her sweet sweaty skin

My clit tingled as I watched her tongue dart from her pretty little mouth
to taste the tear that touched her lip. That sweet salty intoxicating
taste of pain that wrapped her body up in heaven.

I heard her gasp louder as she heard my whip rise up and watched her body
twitch as she felt the wind just a fraction of a second before it’s
leather fangs sunk into her delicate soft skin.

My cunt became soaking wet as her head fell back, her body swayed at the
force of my whip, and her mouth opened wide in a silent scream. I wanted
to hurt her more as her body surrendered to the molten burn of my whip and
she started begging for more.

I stood back and watched with immense pleasure as her body slumped against
it’s bindings and her my flew freely into subspace. She looked so stunning
as her eyes fluttered under their closed lids, her tears ran freely down
her face and that wicked evil little laugh of hers started, telling me
that she was ready to be taken down off of the cross and held till she
came back down to earth in my arms.

I was in heaven holding her and she, she is my sweet true masochist that
feeds every evil part of my soul.
I love it when you make love to me.

When you lay me down on the bed and slide your body up next to mine.

When you run your fingers through my hair to wrap it tightly in your fist.

When you pull my head back hard.

When you take make my breath away as you wrap your hand around my throat.

When you watch my eyes slide shut before you slap me across the face to
bring me back to you.

When you whisper in my ear “No, my little slut, we are not doing this
tonight” as you take your hand off of my throat, slide it down my chest to
wrap it around my breast and lower your lips down to kiss my mine.

When you slowly draw me into your kiss, making our hearts beat in time and
our breaths coming in small rapid gasps.

When you lift your head up to look in my eyes, smile at me as you slide
your fingers between my soft pussy lips to tease my clit until I am

When you start to bite my neck as my cum coats your fingers, sliding your
teeth against my skin as you slide your fingers deep inside of me, holding
on tight as I thrash through my orgasm, softly marking me as one of yours
as my body shakes and starts to calm.

When you kiss me deeply as you slide your fingers out of me and bring them
up to my mouth to lick clean. Moan in my ear as your feel my tongue
worship your fingers as if it was your lovely cock.

When you stare in my eyes as you slowly push your cock so deep inside of
me, hearing me gasp as my soft cunt opens up even wider to accommodate
your thick cock.

When you feel me tense up as you slowly make love to my body, as you open
up doors in my heart and allow my demons to try to rebuild walls so that
you can crush them down with each strong slow stroke of your cock deep
inside of me.

When you guide me through my fear of being intimate as your body leads
mine into ecstasy.

When you hold me tight as you suckle on my nipple and your cock starts to
throb inside of me in time with my inner walls squeezing you tight.

When you moan against my breast as your cum fills my womb, marking me as
your inside of my wonderfully tingling body as eyes slide shut and “I love
you” slides out of your lips.

When you wrap me in your arms as the giggling starts and subsides into
deep sleeping breaths.

When you wake me up with your cock down my throat, your hand deep inside
of my pussy, and calling me your wet cunt, dirty bitch, fucking cum whore
who craves a good hard beating and that is just what I am going to be
getting before you are done with me.

Oh I love it when you fuck me.
I want to be a bad bad fucking girl again, I have been such a good girl
lately and I swear I am going out of my mind.

Want to slide on my push-up black bra on, feel the tingle of the string of
my g-string black panties while it rubs up against my tight little
asshole, smell the sexy smell of leather as I slide my fishnet stocking
covered feet into my thigh-high boats.

Want to put on my sluttiest short black leather skirt and innocent looking
pink lacy shirt. What a wonderful contrast in fashion- the slut and the
innocent combined into one.

Want to walk into the the local dive, grab your shot and swallow it down
before taking you by the hand to lead you out to the ally where I want you
to fuck me like the dirty little whore I am feeling like tonight.

I don’t even want to know your fucking name, I just want to know what your
tongue can do for me while you are on your knees ripping my panties off
with your teeth, I just want to know how hard your fingers can make me cum
while you are jamming them deep inside of my wet pussy, I just want to
know how hard you are going to fuck me up against this filthy wall that is
already covered in cum from other nasty whores tonight.

I want to feel how it feels when you bite my neck, cum into my wet cunt,
and then kiss me as you pull out your rent money for my time tonight, and
then walk away leaving you standing there begging for more time as you
look down at the business card I slid into your hand.

Your Desires – the best real phone sex ladies that can’t wait to talk with
you.. “Call me for a really good fucking time next time. You think this
was fun- just wait until you get me on the phone. I can’t wait to make you
scream in delight as you cum all over your hand jerking off as we talk!” I
wrote on the card.

I can’t wait to hear your voice over that PhoneLine telling me you want to
cum again soon Daddy!
“I want you to fuck me”

“Watch your mouth little one”

“You watch it”

“Get your ass into the bedroom right now you little bitch”

That is how this all started, now here I am tied to the bed and Master is
out, I mean like really out- he grabbed me by the hair to walk me into the
bedroom when I didn’t get up fast enough, tied my ass to the bed, smiled
down at me and told me that only good girls get fucked and that maybe
after his lunch I will be a good girl again…. crap.

I swear it has been hours since he left, how long does a business lunch
take now days anyways? oh, he has only been gone 10 minutes. crap..

“I thought you wanted me to fuck you little one, I guess not since you are
sleeping” That is what I heard when I opened my eyes and saw him standing
over me, cock in hand and a very mean smile on his face. “too bad you are
so tired, you finish your nap now, I am just gonna sit here and make some
business calls” I swear I just shut my eyes for a moment, crap.

His voice echos through our room as I am tied here on the bed. I hear him
as he walks into our room, he is talking on the phone but this so is not a
business call- he is on a phone sex call!!

He is calling one of my sexy phone sisters as I am laying here, I hear him
giggle and laugh as he asks for sweet sexy Phonesex sister Abbie. I can
hear that change in his voice as he is enjoying all of the wonderful sexy
things she is telling him she wants him to do to me, and he giggles
wickedly as he switches the phone to speaker so I can hear her also.

My lovely Phone sex sister Abbie has a very evil sadistic side and as much
as I love it, it matched with my Master’s is dangerous- for me!

I lost count of how many times the two of them made me cum that night, how
many times his leather belt hit my soft skin, how many times I could hear
her orgasm over the phone line, but I will never ever forget how he
sounded when he said thank you to her, promised he would make sure to take
good care of me as they hung up and the way he looked at me as he untied

His hands were soft and caring, his eyes filled with love as he rubbed my
hands before he reached up, wrapped them around my throat and showing me
just how much he loved fucking me.
Master’s new toy.

I was halfway through my shift of teasing and pleasing my lovely callers
here at YD, when Master called me to say I needed to come directly to his
house right after fun times where done that I was not to ask why, just to
get there.

Walking up to his house, I heard his other submissive giggling with
another girl, a voice I had never heard before. They were in the shed so I
walked in and introduced myself. It turned out that this new lady was
going to be Master’s new toy and she was really nice, we laughed and
giggled while getting to know each other better.

My sub-sister had the rope in her hand as she was told to have ready but
as we all started giggle, one of us thought it would be a good idea to tie
her up and have her ready for him when he came home, one of the worst
idea’s yet.

Master was smiling when he walked into the shed but that smile dropped and
then he got the most federal look on his face as he wrapped his hand
around my throat and growled that he was not happy with us. We were
quickly banished from the shed.

It was so hard having to walk away without getting to be with him tonight
while he played, but this was our punishment for not waiting for
directions. We looked back to see if maybe he would tell us to stay, but
that did not happen.

It was with tears in our eyes as we walked to the house as we heard the
first hit of leather on her skin. We laid in bed cuddled up together as we
hard her start to moan, knowing that Master had started the second part of
his playtime.

The waves of emotions rushed over me as I heard her giggle, I knew I
should be so happy for Master because I know how much he loves his play
time and I really was happy for both him and her, but at the same time
that tinge of pain knowing that Master was enjoying someone else, not me,

This was the 1st time I experienced this and I swore that I would deal
with the emotions with him honestly so that next time I will wait to do as
asked and will be able to even be happier for Master and his new toy,
because I really liked her and I love him.

Master came into the room later that night, stood before us looking at us
both for a few moments before tell us to move our asses over, he was tired
and wanted his ladies wrapped around him right where we good girls
belonged and would always be.

It felt so good to be wrapped up in his arms, to feel him hug her and then
me; to hear him kiss her forehead before he turned to me, looked me in the
eyes and said “I love you too little one, now get out of your head and
get your ass to sleep.I promise to punish you properly in the morning my
good girl” before kissing my forehead as well.
Making love in the hot bath feels so good..

I love the way you touch me with your hands as you slide into the tub with
me, the feeling of your chest laying up against mine as you slide my
panties down and feel the hot water sliding up around our bodies.

I love the way you make slow passionate love to me with your hands on my
chest, you lips kissing my neck and then whispering against my ear how
badly you want me, how badly you want to make love to me every night like

Just you and I alone in this hot tub touching each other, making love to
each other all night long my darling.

Been dreaming about this for weeks and tonight we finally get to be
together again, it is all I have been dreaming of lately.

Make love to me again darling, let me be your princess once more.
It has been a long time since I have made love to a woman, sure there have
been quick hook-ups to get off and 3-ways with a hot man joining us, but I
mean truly made love to a woman, I crave that.

I crave this.

You know, the kind of night where everything is just right. You go out and
you all laugh, you giggle, you enjoy the night and, you start to flirt.
Slowly at first to just tease the waters, but then she starts to flirt

The giggles turn a bit naughtier, the laughs end in sighs, casual touches
seem to linger longer on each others arms with your fingertips softly
tracing across her skin as you slowly move your hand away.

The night out comes to a close and you drive her home, just to make sure
she gets there safely of course. As you walk her up to her door, you crack
a joke about how funny this must look- walking her up to her door like a
date and she says “if this is a date, would it end here with a kiss?”
before she slowly brings her lips up against yours.

She takes your breath away with that kiss and before you know it you are
pulling her closer to you and kissing her deeper. You hear her moan at the
same time you feel her body shutter when your hand moves to her hair to
pull her in and deepen the kiss.

It is all you can do not to grab her right there and rip that shirt off-
but this is new, this isn’t just play, this is something more so you slow
down. You take a deep breath and bite her lower lip. She moans in delight
and pulls away. As you ask her what is wrong, she just smiles and unlocks
the door.

You want her, you want her hands on your skin, her lips on yours, you want
her so you slowly softly whisper in her ear that it has been a very long
time and she just smiles at you as she pulls you by the hand into her

You know the kind of night I am describing don’t you? Just thinking about
it is making my panties so very wet.

I want to see her standing there, see that shy but yet brave look on her
pretty face as we start to kiss and explore each other’s bodies for the
first time. I want to hear her moans as I lay her down on the bed to take
her skirt and panties off. I crave hearing the way she would groan as I
slid between her legs to trace her pussy lips with my finger nails.

I miss seeing the way a woman shivers as I open up her lips to run my
tongue along her clit, down to her sweat wet pussy and then back up to
lick that clit a little harder. I get wet thinking about how wonderful it
would feel taste her, to feel her body tense up as my fingers start to
enter her and my lips wraps around her clit to suck on it gently.

I have to touch myself when I think about this lovely woman arching her
back and screaming as she cums, squeezing my fingers tight as she is
coating my face with her juices.

hummm, so close to cumming all over my fingers as I think about kissing up
her body to those lovely breasts, wrapping my hands around them to hold
them up to my mouth so that I can suck on each nipple. Making her squirm
and start to beg for more.

I can’t tell you how badly I want to roll over on my side, slide my hand
back into her pussy as we start to kiss, as her hand starts to roam down
my body until her finger tips find my rock hard clit and starts to stroke
it matching my hand on hers.

Oh I want her, I want her to cum with me. I want us to be kissing as she
starts to lose the ability to touch me. I want to see her eyes slide shut
as I reach into her toy box to grab the dildo, I want to her hear beg as I
move between her legs, putting the toy between us and thrusting it deep
inside of her as if it was my own living cock.

Grabbing her hair hard, I want to watch as she starts to lose control. My
hips forcing my toy cock deeper and deeper inside of her, pounding harder

and harder till she tightens up and shudders her cum flowing out of that
wonderfully tight pussy and my cum flooding her sheets between her legs as
we both cum so hard that our bodies start to float.

I want to lay there in her bed, my body against hers as we try to catch
our breaths only to start giggling and kissing again.

Yes that is what I am craving tonight- how about you?

Oh what wonderful things they are!

They come in so many sizes and types, some like to be sucked on gently,
some like to feel that suction all the way down to their belly button!!!

Some you can nibble on and others beg for you to bite them till the person
is cumming down their legs!!!

From light rope bondage to the extreme, hot wax running down their sides
in torrents to freezing ice cube trails; from the sting of a riding crop
to the gentle stroke of a feather; from the sharp intense pain of teeth
deeply marking property to the gentle sweep of soft butterfly kisses
teasing their skin- oh all of the wonder things you can do to breasts.

Even the hardest core pain slut I know cries out in torture when you look
her in the eyes while you slide your tongue gently and softly around her
nipple, smiling as you gently run your teeth over her erect hard little
sensitive nipple. She shivers and shakes as thrills run down her body
because she knows you truly see her, you see her as a thing of beauty and
slowly torture her tits with soft touches and gentle kisses making her
ride the wave of subspace but never letting her dip into it, keeping her
present for all the lovely things you are going to do to those magnificent

But, I also have the pleasure of knowing one of the sweetest ladies around
that you would just like to cuddle with and baby, but inside of this woman
beats the heart of a primal animal.

She can tear you up when unleashed. Push her up against the wall, wrap
your hand around her throat, rip her shirt open and you can start to see
her chest heave, her eyes start to stare at you intensity as if to say
“game on.” Oh that is when it really becomes delightful, you can
practically feel the waves of desire rolling through her.

You can’t help but pull back, rip that bra off, grab those tits in your
hands and squeeze them as if your life depends on it. That’s when you can
see her throw her head back close her eyes for a quick second before
leveling her glaze back to your eyes.

Challenge accepted and you better be ready, because once this passes she
is going to be giggling like that sweet little again and it will be up to
you to walk her through it all. But right now, you just want to hurt her;
she wants you to hurt her because she knows you understand that you are
one of the very few that gets to see her this way and she trusts you with
her life.

Her tits are amazing, they take that 1st slap so well, they bounce and
jiggle like they are tempting you to hit them harder and you do, you can’t
help but to beat them until she has cum running down her legs, tears
running down her face and she is begging you with her eyes to own her. To
take her over that ledge and let her fly.

Her beautiful breasts are an angry shade of red, her body squirming to be
touched, and her lips whispering “thank you” or “I love you” over and over
again while she is lost in her own little world and her body is completely

You hit them one time as you growl in her ear that she is yours and hang
on as she leaps over that mental wall and is flying. She giggles back to
life laying in your bed with your arms wrapped gently around her and your
fingertips caressing her firm yet supple boobs while she floats back down
to earth.

There is just something magical about a beautiful set of gorgeous tits.

And the best part, no two sets are the same!!! There are big ones, little
ones, full and flabby or tiny and perky. They are all such a treat to get
to play with.

So here is to the joy of all things boobies!!! They are awesome!!
Push me up against the wall and wrap your hand around my throat.

Grab my face in your hand and kiss me as if I was last drink of water on
earth. Pull your hand back and slap me till my eyes water and your dick

Push me down to my knees and force your hard cock down my throat, using
these pretty lips for your pleasure while you bang the back of my head
against the wall.

Force me to swallow all of you as you grab my hair and pull me up enough
to force me back up and over like a whore.

I want to feel your hand, your belt, and the dragon’s tail beating me into
your submissive, I need to be reminded where my place is.

Force your cock in my wet pussy as you force our toy in my ass, shoving me
into subspace and not letting go until I am screaming for you to fuck me

Feel my cum and blood trickle down my thighs as you pound harder and
harder into me. Marking me as your slut as you rape my sweet ass.

I need you.

Slam one last time into me as you coat my walls with your cum and bite my
neck as your marked tramp.

Slowly pull out of me and lay me down on my belly as you clean us up and
tell me what a good little whore I am for you Maestre.
Hold me close and and listen to this heart that loves you. Tell me to cry
and don’t let go until I do.

Bring down the whip and and open my soul. Wrap me in strong loving arms
and hold me while I rebuild this foundation stronger that it was lasting.

Hold me and whisper those words I crave to hear in my ears.

Bring me to life with your whip yet again.
I have been having such naughty naughty thoughts about you and I

Us in the dark theater, you holding me close to your body and my hand on
your hard cock as we watch the show.

I love feeling that wet spot growing on the front of your jeans, I reach
up and whisper in your ear that I can’t wait to go home and have you give
me have my creamy treat for being such a good girl tonight.

I love it when you take my hand in yours and rub that wet spot even harder
and then your eyes go shut as I run my finger down your hard denim covered

So want you to take me to park afterwards and tell me it is time
for my yummy treat but that you want to kiss my pretty little clit before
I get to have it.

Love how you lift me up to sit on the toy and slide my panties to the side
so that you can touch me, so you can see me, so you
can taste me right here with skirt around my waist, my hands in your hair
and your lips on my pink ones.

I love how you lick up all the cum that comes out of me and then
kiss my mouth as you slide me down your body letting my sweet clit
hit your hard head and how good it feels when you move my hips just right.
Your hard head forcing it’s way inside of me.

I love the way you hold my tight body and tell me to ride you like I do
the horse on the carousel. It makes me moan the way you rub my asshole
with your finger as I move my hips back and forth like I am riding you.

I finally get my creamy treat so deep and hard inside of me, your mouth
sucking on nipple as you slide your finger in my ass and groan my name.

God, I want you inside all night long darling.
Make love to me.

Meet me by your door when you come home after a long day at work.

Reach out and stroke my face with your fingertips before sliding your hand
around to the back of my neck to wrap in my hair as your other hand
reaches out to wrap around my throat.

Squeeze it tightly, you know how that puts me right into a wild
submissive state and you can already smell my body surrendering to your

Slide your mouth gently over my collarbone, graze it with your teeth.
Bring your lips up to my ear, whisper softly “tonight, you are all mine

Walk me into the bedroom, stand me there as you slowly take off my
clothes. Kissing each part of my skin as it is revealed to you. Take my
shoulders and push me down onto the bed so that your cock is even with my

Lift my chin up with your fingers and smile at me as you slowly guide you
that gorgeous cock into my lips. Stand there and enjoy your own personal
slut as I worship your cock with my red lips and hot wet mouth.

Just as I am about to cum from from pleasing you, reach back to pull my
head back by my hair and tell me to lay back on that soft bed.

Run your fingertips down my body slowly, stopping every once in a while to
kiss where you touched.

Part my legs gently and run your tongue along my lips until I am begging
to please please taste me, at that moment dive in and eat this pussy like
it is your last meal on earth.

Own this clit with your teeth as your fingers start to enter me, look up
and see my eyes roll in the back of my head as my legs start to shake, my
ass tightens and I coat your face with my cum.

Smile down at me as you slide up my body and then side your cock deep
inside of my still clenching cunt. Moan as I start to lick my juices off
of your lips and then say no.

One hand holding my wrists down, one hand wrapped tightly around my
throat, you look down at me as you are deeply thrusting inside of me.
Stare at me as you growl out “Mine” and feel me cum once again even harder
all over your cock, balls, and thighs.

Hold me down tight as your words throw me over the edge, repeating then as
I scream out and ride the most intense orgasm of the night. Growl “Mine”
again right before you lean down to leave your bitemark deep on my chest
and cum deep in of me.

Hold me close as my eyes slide shut and whisper in my ear that you love me
as I drift off to sleep. Promise me next time you will mark every inch of
my body as yours with your belt and kiss me before tucking me in tightly
and leaving the bedroom.

I so adore you and every touch you leave on my skin.
Walking into the longhouse with my Sir’s hand on my back was the best
thing I have felt all week long. Oh my god, I love the way it feels when
he his holding the small of my back and staking claim at the same time.

We smiled and greeted people, hugged old friends, and met new ones.

I loved walking into the other rooms with my ladies friends to catch up
and change- but loved walking back out to see him standing there talking
to other Sir’s and the way his eyes glossed over when he saw me. I loved
that look he gave me, telling me that I was in for a hell of a night.

Walking over to his arms, he smiled this very evil smile and told me that
he had loaned me out for a few hours. I don’t know why he likes to do that
but I love that he always reclaims me right before the man he loaned me
out to can have any hope of watching me cum.

We walk out into the blockhouse and see my stuntDom standing there by the
cross ready for me, he slowly drops my red dress so that I am standing
there in just my red panties and ties my arms up to the cross.

I can hear the room go quiet and feel his hands start to run up and down
my soft back, getting it ready for his whip. Several people gasp as the
whip soars thro the air and snaps as it hits my skin. I could feel the
end of that leather bite down and leave a mark, it made me moan in

He hit me several more times before coming back over to check on me, to
rub my now red and welted back, and then took a step back and hit my ass
full force with the Dragon’s tail. I screamed in pain and shook in
pleasure, but it was almost too much for me and I gave the sign to my Sir
that I did not want that one again.

Hearing them talking gave me a change to re-adjust right before the next
stinging bite of his single tail whip hit my back. I shook in delight and
then came the rain down of blows, I could feel my body shaking, my legs
becoming weak and my orgasm building hard.

Just as I started to cum, I heard my Sir’s voice saying to stop, that I
had had enough. It was all I could do to keep from looking back and
sticking my tongue out at him as my stuntDom untied me but then I felt his
hand on my lower back again- it felt like home and that is all I needed.

He slowly walked me away from the room and into the quiet room beside it.
I felt him softly touch my face as he laid me down on the bed. Rolling me
over on my tummy, I felt his hands softly rubbing lotion onto my sore red
back. Feeling touch me that way brought me to such a safe place and I felt
my body yielding to whatever he desired.

Just as I started drifting off to sleep, he rolled me back over, kissed me
softly and made slow soft love to me. He was softly touching my body, my
hair, my neck as he slide in side of me and staked ownership of me.

My body arched up as I came and he looked me in the eyes and said “I so
love you” as he filled me with his cum, marking me inside and out as his
and then laid there and held me until I drifted off to sleep in his arms.
Brrr it is so cold in here… but I know it is just a matter of time till
you come home and this place will be hotter than hell. I can’t wait.

Hearing your key slide in the door makes my skin tingle, but I don’t want
to show it just yet. I love getting to kneel here and hear the door slowly
open. I know that you think I am in bed already because of our call
earlier tonight where you told me not to wait up as you didn’t know when
you would be home, but Sir- Waiting up for you is what I do and will
always do. I never want you to come home to an empty house.

I hear the door shut and can tell that right about now you are taking your
shoes off. Always so precise in your motions. I love that about you Sir. I
know that every step you take is so well planned and so well practiced
that it is like a second nature to you.

When you walk into the living room I hear you gasp, caught you off guard
didn’t I Sir, I don’t know if I should say I am sorry or giggle, I better
just be quiet because still don’t know the mood you are in yet. You just
look down at me kneeling here by your favorite chair, see your drink on
the stand, and smile that wicked smiles of yours that is so hard to read
but yet sends chills down my spine and makes my clit sing Hallelujah!!!!

The way you grasp my hair hard in your hand makes me moan in delight but
the way you pull it so hard makes me whimper in pain. “I told you NOT to
stay up didn’t I little one?” you ask as you start to unzip your pants.
“but since you are here and I have had a hell of a day I might as well put
that pretty mouth of yours to use shouldn’t I?’

“Oh Yes Sir” is all I am able to get out before your rock hard cock is
invading my sweet wet mouth and forcing its way down my tight throat. I
hear you laugh as I start to gag and yet you never stop pushing and
trusting harder in my sweet little mouth.

I feel you hands both reach down into my hair and can tell you are ready
to cum by the way your balls are rock hard and throbbing on my chin, but
before you flood my throat with your hot cum you pull out and shove my
face against your balls. Breathing is a thing of the past as I feel you
slam them harder against my lips demanding that I suck and lick them as
you start to stroke your cock hard and fast- your hand hitting my forehead
in a way that I know I will have a bruise there tomorrow and I love it.

Hearing your breathing come even harder, feeling your fist hitting me
faster and so much harder that I can’t help but put my hands on your
thighs to stay on my knees, and then you erupt- your cum pulses out of
your cock in streams covering my head and coating my hair with that hot
sweet cum.

Your balls start to go soft but yet you don’t let up on my hair, still
pushing and forcing to suck them before you pull back, allowing me to
catch a quick breath before shoving your cum covered head in my mouth to
get to lick clean, you know that is my favorite thing to do and I relish
every chance I get to do it.

I am still kneeling here licking you clean as you pull away, zip your
pants back up and sit down to enjoy your drink. I see you smile down at me
and throw an ice-cube my way, you can see that my forehead is already
starting to bruise up nicely and that makes you smile even more.

“Welcome home Daddy,” I say as you reach out for me and pull me into your
lap. I thought kneeling in front of you was my favorite place to be but I
was wrong- this is it, right here, right here in your arms this is where I
crave to be.
Sweet Devil’s dance- part one.

Ever have one of those dates that you knew just wasn’t going anywhere?
That was me last night, sure he was handsome and well to do,(as he kept
pointing out) but yet things just weren’t clicking, That is, until she
walked into the room, then dinner got much more interesting quickly!

She walked into the room like she owned the place and all eyes were on
her. Her stunning charcoal black hair cascaded down her back and just
barely swept across the lower part of her back. Her dark eyes sparkled in
almost what one would call a sadistic way as she looked around the room
and seeing that every man in the place had stopped talking do their dinner
dates and we’re staring at her as she walked by them.

Front and center of that group of her new found admirers was my date, he
had all but forgotten I was even in the room. She had caught my eye as she
walked by and with a very slight nod and almost cruel up turn of her silky
velvet red lips, she had silently let me know the game was on and all of
these poor foolish human men would soon be eating out of the palms of our

To be continued- come on you know this kind of a story will stroke your
balls slowly like I like to with my tongue, just wait till part two to
see what we wicked women have in store for my poor date!!!
Part two of sweet Devil’s dance.

She walked over your to our table and introduced herself; reaching down to
clasp my date’s hands into hers, while never once breaking eye contact
with me. The whole time that she spoke to him, she only looked directly in
my eyes. She explained her name is Carmen and that she owned this
beautiful restaurant we were in for the night, oh and our dinner tonight
would be on her. If only he really understood exactly how true that last
sentence of hers was, he would have gotten up and left while it was still
in his power.

As she sat down to join us for dinner she reached over and grabbed my
hand. “Oh darling Amber” she said in a very seductive whisper,” why so
serious?” She questioned as she motioned to my up-swept unbuttoned up
white silk shirt. My date asked if we knew each other, she just smiled and
said “not yet”, at the same time, I thought to myself , yes but only in my
dreams. I quietly managed to calm myself with just little smile showing,
but she looked over and saw. That made her eyes twinkle in delight-almost
like she knew what I was thinking and agreeing with me.

We sat and had our dinner, shared conversation, and had a wonderful
evening however I’m sure my date thought he was the center of attention
when really he was just a small annoyance in what was turning out to be
the most wonderful night never seen by human eyes before.

After about 3 to 4 hours, she commented that she had a nightclub she’d
like to check out and she would like us to join her but that there was no
way she was going to go anywhere with me looking as serious as I was
looking at that moment. She stood up, took the pins out of my hair and
lowered it down to my waist.

You see, as stunning as is, her beauty was almost an equal match to mine.
My golden amber lockes flowed down my back in soft waves and curls. I
could hear my date’s breath catch in his throat when he saw her white hand
reach out and start to unbutton the top three buttons of my shirt,
exposing the tops of my golden sun-kissed tanned breasts and white lace
bra. I smiled at her with a very evil wicked smile the left my date’s jaw
hanging almost to the floor

To be continued!… feel it yet? That slow hot flame building up at the
base of your spine? It’s only going to better now!!!!
The final part of the sweet Devil’s Dance

“I smiled at her with a very evil wicked smile the left my date’s jaw
hanging almost to the floor”

As we walked out of the restaurant, we could feel every eye in the place
on us and it made her wonderful white skin seem even more translucent and
my tan skin glow, but the best response of all was his soft moan as we
stood by the car door and kissed- waiting for him to get the hint that he
would be in the back seat on this ride and we would not be going anywhere
but her home tonight.

Walking in her home was like walking into heaven. It was so warm almost,
too warm for my taste, but so very beautiful. We held hands as we walked
back into her bedroom- his footsteps running to catch up. As I stood
before her, I couldn’t help but move her hair away from her face, this
wise beautiful creature was standing before me and I was the shy one this
time. She pointed over to a chair beside the bed and told him to sit, be
quiet, and enjoy the show, she would tell him when he was needed.

He sat quietly as we slowly undressed each other, our hands working like
smooth perfection as we shed these clothes and allowed our true selves to
show. She was magnificent in her beauty and I could not wait to taste her.
Laying her down on her bed, I slid down to the bottom and begin my way up
her body. Licking and kissing each and every spot on her body as I went.
Feeling her hands in my hair pulling, hearing her voice in my ears
begging,I just had to have her. Slowly parting her smooth lips, my mouth
watered seeing that cute hard little clit and I couldn’t help but devour

I could hear his moans as I could feel her legs tremble aroundd my
shoulders. I loved the way she grabbed my hair hard and started to grind
against my face as she was getting closer and closer to cumming. I looked
over at him, lifting my head long enough to tell him to get his ass over
her and jerk off on her face but that he was not allowed to touch her- I
just wanted his cum on her face only.

The moment she screamed out in delight, I heard him grunt out his orgasm,
looking up from heaven, I watched as he coated her face with his cum and
her soft white skin took on a wonderful deepening glow, but I wasn’t done
yet and she wasn’t finished. Working two soft fingers into her wet tight
cunt, I started telling her all the bad bad things she craved to hear-
what a whore she was, what kind of a nasty slut would allow herself to be
used like a two dollar street walker, what a disgrace she was to our dear
old Daddy by letting herself be used as a cum bucket for some man that she
didn’t even know, all the while forcing more and more of my hand inside of
her, feeling her cunt close around my fist and start to squeeze for all
she was worth.

When her upper body pushed up off of the bed, I knew it was almost time. I
told him to start stroking again and this time- if he had ever wanted to
cum again, he had better make sure to give her at least 2 more loads of
his hot cum on her body no matter what he had to do or he was going to be
left laying on the floor begging for mercy! I think the glow in these
Cajun eyes told him he had better do what he was told and I swear I have
never seen a man stroke his cock so hard and fast.

The 1st load of his cum hit her right in her sweet mouth as she was
screaming out every filthy word she had ever heard and gushing cum around
my fist.

I slid my tongue down into her sweet slit to lick her sweet cream up, then
reached up to grab him by the balls and spit her cum all over his red sore
abused cock, you see we weren’t done yet and we needed him one more time
before leaving him laying in a puddle of goo.

We pulled him down onto the bed and she slid up on top of his once again
hard cock. I smiled down at him as I lowered my soaking wet pussy down
onto his face and started to ride his mouth as hard as she was riding his
cock. I don’t even know if he could breath and I really didn’t even care,
this night was not about him at all after all.

She giggled as she started twisting and turning her hips and riding his
cock in the sweetest dance. Grasping hands, we started to kiss and touch
each other as we rode this man in ways some men only dream of being rode.
I loved feeling her reach down to stroke my clit in time with his tongue
fucking my tender pussy and couldn’t help but gush hot cum deep down his
throat, we felt him start to struggle. but she was yet to cum again and I
wasn’t going to give this night up for anything.

As I slid my fingers down to pinch her clit hard, I leaned forward and
told him to cum now- or forget getting to cum, he pushed his hips up hard
and came so deep inside of her. I watched as her body took on a beautiful
deep dark glow and the orgasm start to rip through out her body. I loved
seeing how her body was coming alive and her eyes starting to glow like
mine again.

She giggled as she came and then straighten up on his body letting her
tight pussy work the rest of his cum out of his now exhausted cock and I
couldn’t help but cum one more time all over his face as she kissed me.

“That was fun sister, lets go find more” she giggled out as my poor date
was surely passing out, but he was alive to tell the story of the night he
was rode hard and left out wet by two of the most powerful sisters ever to
walk the earth.

You see, some people think that death is cold, hard, white, pale- but
really it is just as beautiful as the sunset on a warm beach. It is just
as soft, warm, and inviting as paradise itself. She just needs to be
reminded of her power sometimes and what a better person to do that than
an angel.
Oh please won’t you eat my sweet little pussy!!!

I want you to eat my pussy. Will you please come home and eat my pussy? I
want you to put your big fat tongue right on my tight little cunt. Blow in
it. Kiss it softly. Tell my pussy that you that love it. Tell my pussy
that you can’t live with out it. Lick it from slit to clit, as slow as you
can, making me tremble and close my eyes, imagining what’s next. You want
to fuck me, baby? You have to give her a kiss first. I want your tongue to
explore every part of my vagina. I want your long tongue inside me when I
cum…when I scream your name at the top of my lungs.

Get me wet and sloppy and ready for your big entrance. I want you to know
my body so well that you can make me cum with the flick of your wrist. I
want you to brag to your friends about it. When I’m crying in the kitchen,
bent over the burnt dinner that I just pulled from the oven for us, I want
you to come up behind me to wrap your arms around me, pull up my skirt and
whisper firmly in my ear to spread my legs. Then, I want you to pull down
my panties, so that they are stretched between my thighs. This is where
it’s all up to my baby to decide how fast, slow, gentle, or deep he will
go. Depending on how stressed you are, sometimes you shove your fingers
into me without warning and finger fuck me hard and fast. You don’t stop,
no matter what, no matter how much I squeal and bruise your arms from
griping too hard. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I beg you. I give into you
and cum really hard, crumbling to the tile kitchen floor, your fingers
still in me.

Other times, you go slow and tease my g-spot, making me squirm in
anticipation. You know how impatient I am. I always want the dick
immediately and I beg like a little whore on the floor, grabbing on to
your legs, crying, with mascara running down my face. You never give it to
me right away. I hate it. You never let me have my way. You always force
me to have foreplay with you, for like an hour. It’s so fucked up cause
you know how nervous and uncomfortable I get when it comes to trust and
intimacy, which is exactly why you force me to do it.

Sometimes, you let me take the panties all the way off when you finger me.
You use them to tie my wrists behind my back as you gently breathe all
over my body; the wolf stalking his prey, ready to attack. I think if you
stood behind me and just breathed on my neck, I’d get chills down my body
and give into you, surrendering my pussy.

I want you to cum in my panties without me knowing. I want you to suggest
that I wear that certain pair when I get out of the shower. Later that
night, I want you to slide me out of my dirty panties and I want you to
put them in my mouth. I want to see that devious smile while your taking
me with your big fat dick. I want you to wash my hair, then pick out my
panties for bed. Dress and undress me, like your little toy.

It’s all I can think about. I want you to sit on the bed and ask me
sweetly to take everything off, except for my panties. Sit and watch me
undress. Make me turn in a counter clockwise circle, to show you every
angle of my body. Tell me to turn slowly, so you can see everything. I
want you to pull me close to you. Locking your finger under the elastic of
panties, you jerk me your way. I want you to grab me tightly and put your
face in between my big breasts. Tell me how much you’ve missed my tits, as
you kiss them and fondle me.

Sit me down next to you and slide my hair away from my collarbone. Begin
kissing directly behind my ear, slowly and gently. Take your hand and
clasp the back of my neck with pressure, not enough to hurt or bruise me,
but enough for me to know you’re a man and you’re in control of everything
I do. Tilt my head to the side. I want you to kiss my neck with tongue,
adding more and more pressure with each gasp, each moan, each pant. My
pussy starts pulsating and I reach for your dick, but you push my hand
away. You scold me for rushing you and call me your impatient little slut.

To be continued—
Please Oh please eat my sweet little pussy part two

You barely have to touch me. I’m ready for you. No matter how tight I am,
your dick is just going to slide right in, because my little pussy will be
dripping. Ill do anything to feel your tongue on my pussy, giving me
kisses, showing your love and devotion to my cunt.

Sprawl me out on the bed. Slide my panties to one side and brace yourself
on top of me. Slide a finger into my slit as you shove your tongue down my
throat aggressively. My moans of pleasure are muffled by our kisses, as
your fingers work their magic. Graze my asshole with one of your fingers,
making me tighten up and try to pull away. Instead, force my head down on
the bed and continue kissing me. I want you to rub my asshole, while you
finger my pussy with two fingers. My body will convulse and ill beg for
you to stop, when in reality, I mean the opposite. I love having my little
asshole played with. Hold me like a bowling ball and automatically, ill
tell you how much I love you, and ill beg for forgiveness for everything
that I’ve ever done wrong to you. I want you to make me apologize to you,
multiple times, with your fingers lodged into me, in both places. Ill feel
so ashamed and embarrassed, ill cum all over your fingers, daddy.

You don’t want me to come yet though. You slowly slide my panties down my
thighs. I’m completely naked now, exposed and vulnerable. You spread my
legs open wide for the world to see how big of a slut I am. My cheeks are
red and I won’t look you in the eye. You flatten my thighs on the bed and
hold them down with both hands on each respective thigh. You look up at me
and say, “I’m going to eat your pussy now”. Make sure you hold me down. I
want you to slowly take one big thick long lick from the bottom of my
pussy to the top of my swollen clit. Slowly. Then, do it again. I will
squirm and grip the blankets, but I will slowly submit. The slower, you
go, the more it teases me and heightens my level of discomfort. I want you
to torture me. Spread my lips with your fingers and lick my clit. Swirl
your tongue around it in a circular motion and then put the whole thing in
your mouth. Suck on it. Not too much pressure, but just enough to make me
uncomfortable. Release your lips and start licking my cunt from my clit
down to the opening of my cunt. Shove that big tongue into me. Taste my
apples. Repeat this cycle until my body is gyrating against your tongue in

It feels so good when you put my little clit in your mouth. Start applying
more pressure the more I start to press up against your lips. If I grab
you by the back of the head and push you into my pussy, that’s when you
know I’m about to cum. Shove your entire tongue as far into my pussy as
possible while I climax and cum. I can cum multiple times, so after my
initial screaming orgasm, deeply french kiss my little clit and I’ll cum
again in your mouth.

Once I stop shaking, I want you to give me another kiss on my pussy. Tell
me I’m a very good girl and slide my panties up.
Walking into the bar that night, I wasn’t planning on going home with
anyone- I just wanted to chase away this day with a few shots of golden
tequila and maybe a good rare steak.

But then the bar tender brought me over a shot and pointed across the bar
to you. My tummy did a little flip and my clit tingles! You were sitting
there in the corner booth, with this air of power around you, a power I
wanted to know more about right away.

I smiled and nodded before bringing that glass up to my red lips and
sliding that sweet nectar into my warm mouth, keeping eye contact with
you, I swallowed it down and smiled. I don’t know if it was the rush of
the strong drink or if it was seeing the slight nod of your head beckoning
me over to your side, but I got a massive rush of heat and before I knew
it, I was on my way over to your side.

As I slide into the booth beside you, something in my should have told me
I’d never be leaving your side again, at least I would be tonight!

We did the normal small talk, getting to know about each others jobs,
careers, likes and dislikes- but then you looked at me with those blueish
eyes and softly said in a deep quiet voice- “Go into the restroom, slide
your finger against your hard tingling clit, make yourself cum, and then
bring me back your panties,do not wash your hand and do not hide those
panties, I want them in your hand when you come back to me”.

You took my breath away and my panties were instantly soaked. I walked
into the only open stall in the rest room, locked the door and slid my
fingers onto my wet panties to start to rub my clit, thinking about how
badly I wanted to please you, I started cum right away and could not hold
back my moan.

Walking out of stall, the 3 ladies in there just looked at me with a
shocked look on their faces! I walked that walk that felt like miles back
to your table, but just as I got there- you stood up, took the cum soaked
panties out of my hand as your brought my other hand up to your nose to
smell and then to your lips to taste. I could feel another gush of cum run
down my thigh when you wrapped your tongue around my finger to suck it
into your mouth so you could fully taste me.

I felt myself going weak in my knees as you kissed my fingers and then
leaned in to kiss my lips. I could taste myself on your lips and I am sure
that every man in that place could smell my scent.

You guided my shaking body down to the seat, leaned down again, kissed me
hard on my lips before whispering to me, “Eat, drink, and then go straight
home, None of these men will ever have what is now mine will they little
one?” I shook my head no, as you straighten back up, smiled down at me and
walked away.

I sat there in shock for a few moments and then realized with a start that
you had left and I didn’t even know your name or if I would ever even see
you again.

I looked around the bar in kind of a still shocked, when I noticed
several men steering at me and smiling those sex starved smiles I had
always ignored. The waiter came over with a shot, my steak, and a note
that just said- “Your choice- you want this? Then be here next week at
this same time and take your place, but be real sure you want this little

As I sat there eating, I found myself never wanting to leave that spot
until it was next week already and I was back in your steely gaze, my
spot, my place by your side!
ahhh your voice makes me crave so much more. Makes me crave showing you
this hot tight little ass that I know you love so much.

When I was just a young thing, back in school, we had to watch films in
class. my teacher loved John F. Kennedy growing up so he would play us
films about him and it was all I could do to not rub my tone thighs hard
together and make my clit tingle every time I heard his voice. Just
imagine this sweet innocent high school junior sitting in her desk making
that sweet young clit just tingle… now you know what I do every time you
call, the moment I hear your voice I start to cream my pretty panties,
just like I did back then.

I think of how the teacher looked at me once while a film was playing and
I swear he could see what I was doing so I looked him right in the eyes as
I rocked my clit back and forth between these sweet young lips.

Smiling, let my eyes slide shut and lost myself in the motion and in that
voice. When I opened my eyes back up and bit my lip as I came- I could see
that he wasn’t the only one watching me and that just turned me on even

I sat quietly as everyone left the room and then slowly walked up to his
desk. The way he looked at me reminds me know of how you must look when we
are talking. That hunger- lust! The want and craving in his eyes just to
get to touch this young soft flesh with his hands and lips.

know you crave that too don’t you? I can hear it in your voice when you
make me scream your name as we are talking and I am riding my hand.

maybe I should tell you more about that poor poor teacher and what a bad
bad girl I was, or maybe- just maybe, you should pick up that phone and
find out for yourself?????
I can’t believe it- I got pulled over? Me sweet innocent me? I know right?

Well, ok, maybe I wasn’t as innocent as I claim to be but, so not my
fault- that cop was hot and those of you have played with me… well you
know how much I like a man (woman) with cuffs!

I might have been speeding and I might have been out to the club so was
showing a bit more skin than I should have for normal viewing but the
thrill I got when I saw the blue and red flashing, made my little black
silk panties so damn wet.

Of course, I just had to pull that short skirt up just a bit higher so
when he looked in the car he got a full view of what many of my callers
crave to get to see.

Looking down at me, he ordered me to get the hell out my car and walk over
to the cruiser. I looked back and saw him watching me so walked even
slower- “hurry up you little bitch” he growled out as I giggled and lifted
my skirt up to show him my ass!

Next thing I knew, I was face down on the trunk of the cruiser and his
hands where pushing up my skirt, ripping away my now soaking wet panties!
He grabbed me by the hair, turned me around and kissed me so fucking hard!
I loved the way he looked at me as he ripped my shirt open and bit my

“You think I am going to fuck you don’t you slut?” he asked as my eyes
rolled in the back of my head. “Well fuck that- better yet.. fuck this” he
growled out as he slid his night stick up between my legs and slammed the
short handle up deep inside of my sweet wet cunt. Knowing how bad I wanted
it, he kept going and pushing and fucking me with it until I was begging
to cum!

The next thing I knew, he was turning me around and tossing me hard on the
ground. His hands grabbing my thighs pulling them apart and forcing that
night stick back up inside of me so hard I screamed in pain. That only
made him smile that evil smile as he reached down to unzip his pants.

I remember that blinding pain as he shoved his rock hard cock deep inside
of my sweet tight ass and felt the world go dark as his hand reached up to
wrap around my throat. Just as the pain my ass started to numb some what
he pulled out and forced himself even harder inside of me- I couldn’t help
but scream as I came all over his baton and down over his rock hard cock
that was placing ownership of my tight virgin asshole. He just laughed and
kept fucking both of my nice painfully abused holes until he was ready to

At that point, he pulled out of me- I hate that feeling- and forced me up
to my knees. He grabbed my pretty face in his hand and ran his cock head
over my lips and came. His hot cum shot out over my lips, over my tear
traced checks and even into my eyes. He just stood there continuing to
jerk off as he he told me I was a nasty dirty little bitch and I had
better open my mouth because he wasn’t done with me yet. That is when the
second load of his hot cum came streaming out. Every single gush hit the
back of my throat and as I started to gag from it he just grabbed my head
and forced me to swallow down every single drop.

As he stood back and started to straight himself out- he laughed at me and
told me that he knew I as going to be a good fuck the moment he saw me
leave the club and just had to have me. I stood up and walked to my car on
shaky feet. Sliding in to my seat as gentle as I could, I had to smile as
I saw him walking to my car with his ticket book in his hand all
professional now. He reached in my car, caressed my face, and said:

“See you at home baby doll- this was hot. I will have a hot bath ready for
you when you get there- but don’t forget Taco Bell!”
I want to see you dressed up in your suit and know that underneath all
that sexy look are the cutest little blue lacy undies of mine.

Laying here in this bed today, knowing that those are the same panties
that you pulled out of my wet little pussy last night after you made me
cream them with your tongue is driving me nuts.

I can just imagine you sitting there in your office in the middle of a
business meeting feeling that sticky mess against your rapidly hardening
cock and how you keep reaching down to run your thumb over your budge.

I am sure that sweet little slutty new secretary you hired last week has
seen it and is thinking that is because of her. She is such a little slut
but is nothing compared to what you have at home right now in your bed
fucking your belt and dreaming it was your hand on my clit. I can just see
her smiling at you know and trying to flirt.

We lay and laugh together about how funny it is to me that she thinks you
are hard for her skankie little ass, but did you know I also fantasize
about walking in that office of yours when she is in there flirting with
you, showing you all her goods, when she thinks she has a chance in hell
of pleasing you?

Would love to walk in your office, shut the door and as she turns around
with that shocked look on her face smile and lock the door. See you set
back further in that black leather and watch as I walk to her and reach
out to grab her hair. Want to hear her gasp as I pull her head down to an
angle, kiss her lips and whisper in her ear- “Want to know why you will
never get him? because that little cum slut is all mine” as I grab her
hand and walk her behind your desk.

Dream of watching her eyes widen as I sit her up on the desk, open her
legs up wide, and pull her panties to the side- showing you that sweet
shaved pussy and telling you- No demanding you, to get your ass over there
and lick her till I tell you to stop.

Ah, you jump right up and shove your face in her soft cunt like the good
little clit-licker you are don’t you slut? one of these days I may let you
finish a slut off and get a mouthful of her cum- but today is not that day
and I really want this bitch to understand just how Mine you really are,
so I pull your face out of her by the back of your hair and kiss you hard.
Poor little slut is leaning back on your desk, eyes wide open and mouth
hanging open as she is begging for more, to please cum and then her eyes
widen even more in surprise as I unzip your pants and show her those cute
baby blue lacy panties and your leaking pierced cock!

You know what I want right away so slide your hands behind your back and
stand straight up- letting me take that cock of mine in my hand like a
good boy and closing your eyes. This isn’t about you is it slut, no- I
just need my cock and you know that. As I step behind you, I feel you
leaning back to mold your ass into my hips so that my body takes yours
over and we reach out- push that slut down on the desk for her sweet pussy
open with the head of my cock.

Oh felt so good fucking that little slut right there on your desk, showing
her that while you may be the boss at work- I am the boss always. I look
down and see that she is about to cum harder than she had every came
before but we can’t have that right now can we, so I order you to open
your fucking eyes and watch as I pull out of her and jerk my cock off on
to her little throbbing clit. Watching that stream of hot cum hitting her
wet pink pussy pushes me over the edge and I cum thrusting my hips against
your sweet ass.

She is still laying there begging for more as I pull those soft panties up
over your cock, zip you up, walk around and slap you on the face hard;
telling you that you had better be home early tonight because I am so not
done with your sweet ass yet. I toss her a towel and tell her to get her
ass cleaned up and next time- if she was a better lay- I might let her
cum, and then walk out of the office with the biggest fucking smile on my

hummm, Yes that is one of my deepest fantasies and I can’t wait till you
call me on your lunch break to tell you all about it- and to suggest that
maybe tomorrow we should have her for lunch, I mean invite her to join us
for lunch LOL.

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