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Amber’s Thoughts

It is late in the month, but I am finally getting to write again. I love having down days were I can just relax with an ice cold bourbon on the rocks, slip out of my office wear and into my soft little nightie all day long, and enjoy my sweet pussy with you.

I love the way it feels, all pussies are wonderful but I just love the way my lips are so soft and full. I love running my finger tips over there- scratching just a little with my sharp nails over my soft skin. I love sliding my finger in between those soft tight lips to run my nail over my clit and just slid a touch inside of my tight pussy.

I wish you were on this phone with me right now, listening to my soft moans as I slowly fuck myself with just one finger and press my thumb up against my rock hard clit.

Oh my gosh, I really do love traveling but it is so nice being back home for a bit.

I have missed you all and can’t wait to tell you about the fun that was had in more than one hotel on this last business trip!!!!

Let’s just say that the pool and hottub may never been the same at that last hotel- three hot sexy ladies in little bitty bikinis who love the taste of pussy make for a hell of a night!

Wanna know more? Call me darling….

“The rare Amber is like a fine wine- sweet to the taste, hard to find, but worth the chase.”

My schedule has changed but you can find me here-

Sundays 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (maybe even longer baby)

If you want to spend some time with me in the evenings between 9pm – 10pm while I am traveling, email me and lets set up a pre-paid play appointment.

You can keep up with all that I am doing and the amazing places I am seeing at Amberexxxtreme on Twitter & Trillian. Come enjoy this lovely summer with me.

Daddy — Daddy Dom– DDlg

So many words for a man that chooses to care and love a woman so much that she is free to let her inner young spirit out to be free safely.

He is his babygirl’s number one fan and ultimate confidant. He praises her for trying new things even when she is so scared to do so. His eyes light up when she walks in the room and believes in her no matter what.

He is her teacher and protector. She knows that when she needs to curl up in his arms and just be, he is right there arms wide open waiting. She knows she is safe to reach out and do new things because pity the person who messes with his girl.

He loves to take his babygirl to places she has never been before, do things she has never done before, and loves to hear her beg him for more. he loves to deflower her both sexually as well as expose her to new adventures.

Daddy is her guide, her adviser, her disciplinarian when needed, but most of all he is her Anchor. He is an unyielding, unmovable anchor in the storm. No matter what happens in the girl’s life, she knows her Daddy will be right there where he has always been, and she can hold onto that even if she is blinded by her own tears. Daddies know the storm will pass, and she will be safe, but she needs something to hold onto that will not move.

Above all, he is her hero and she craves to please him.

Shoes —

Oh the fun that can be had with them. Of course there is the fun of wearing them and looking so sexy as you walk down the street.

But something that quite a few of us know about but not too may talk about, the love of playing with high heals.

Many people know about, and will proudly tell you about their shoe fetish. a lot will tell you that they’ve become a symbol of feminine power and aggressiveness—of men’s craving for female dominance, plus it is hard NOT to look sexy in a pair of heals!

But what I am talking about is altocalciphilia- those of us that derive sexual arousal from shoes, mostly high heals. Retifism – with the shoe the total focal point for arousal. Some retifists need only the shoe to be satisfied. Others will incorporate shoes within their sexual habits.

I love to slide that sharp toe up my lady’s leg, I love the way she moans when I run that leather over her skin making her want to scream as I make love to hear with it. I love the way she shakes when I kiss her shoes, when I kiss her ankles, when I bite her thighs.

I love how my man moans as I run the heal over his ass and explore his body with it.

We have have wonderful desires- so why not pick up that phone come explore your hidden desires.

xoxoxox Amber!!

“The rare Amber is like a fine wine- sweet to the taste, hard to find, but so worth the chase.”

Amber’s Schedule:
Tuesday: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Wednesday: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Thursday: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

And look for surprise visits!!

If you want to spend some time with me, email me and lets set up a date to play darlings.

Come find me!

Skype. Twitter and Trillion Amberexxxtreme

The instant message alert dings and she smiles, someone new wants to chat
so she says hello to the stranger on the other side of the computer

He tells her he likes to chat for a while before doing a call to see if
they match up well. Before long they are chatting, laughing, and falling
into an amazing role play.

She felt swept off her feet and when the phone rang she smiled even more.
she was amazed when she heard his voice for the 1st time. His smooth voice
and liquid words washed over her and she knew she was right were she was
supposed to be.

They talked more before going into the role play so smoothly that they
bonded right at that moment.

By the end of the call she was amazed, she was addicted to this man and
his amazing words that painted amazing pictures in her brain and she
wanted more.

That was 3 years ago and she is still amazed at how well they bonded and
how she still smiles whenever they chat, whenever he calls her, whenever
they get to bond over words and laughs.

Just one simple message alert was the start of a beautiful journey.

Thank you for taking me on this journey with you.

Not all “good girls” wear ribbons and bows, some of us like to pepper that
with chains and leather.

Some of us crave it when you grab us by the hair and push us against the
wll as your mouth travels down our throats to latch on to that sweet soft
patch of skin between our neck and shoulder to mark us as the slut we are.

We crave the way your hand wraps around our throat as you take a deep
breath and smell our aroma of arousal when you are near, that sweet smell
that is so intoxicating to you and makes the devil behind your eyes come

Love to see that spark light up inside of your eyes and the way you growl
in pleasure as you softly run your fingers down our body to strip us bare
for your pleasure.

Not all “Good girls” are happy to be draped in diamonds giggling at your
jokes, some of us crave to be tied up in cages begging to be called your

Time goes so fast, people come and go..

But one thing is for sure- I freaking love getting to come here and play
with my callers. I love the connections we have, the fun we enjoy, and the
places our minds can take us!

I love getting to know my sweet sexy phone-sex sisters and the bonds we
form can last life times. I love getting to hear them laugh, giggle, and
moan in delight as you are making them cum so hard!

May will be 3 years since I walked in this door and picked up the phone
for the 1st time, it was such an adventure getting to know and share time
with the girls that were there with me then and it is so amazing to get to
share this wonderful time with the the girls here now. I so love my
phone-sex sisters.

I remember my 1st call, it was a two girl call with Angie, I was so
nervous I really listened and joined in the fun when she took me by the
hand and showed me how much we fun we could have also, I was hooked and
craved so much more.

The first time the phone rang for just me was with a man that I was
chatting with 1st. Oh my gosh, what an amazing time. I was in love and I
couldn’t wait for that phone to ring again and again.

So many years so many fun experiences.

From being a sweet pretty girl that loves to show off her yoga pants to
tease and thrill, to a soft-voiced superior woman that will make you tell
me how pathetic you are that you have to hide away in a bathroom to hear
my voice just one more time.

From being your sexy-hot ass secretary who loves to be bent over your desk
for your pleasure whenever you want me to that sexy co-worker that loves
to fuck you with high heals and make you scream for the full office to

From being yours, your baby-girl, yours to impregnate and pamper to being
your nasty bitch in heat that will beg for your piss, your whip, your
pleasure and to be able to exist for your cravings.

I can’t express how much I adore my (our) callers, I love the bonds we
have formed over the years and I will always be here for you as a friend,
lover, babygirl or mom, whatever you need darlings because it is my
pleasure to be there.

Thank you for these past 3 years and I can’t wait to get to share many
many more with you and to get to meet and please new people as we go.

I love it when my phone rings at home and I get to hear my lovely phone
sex sister’s voice telling me that you are on the other line waiting for

The thrill that rushes through my body while I wait for her to connect us
is describable and the tingle in my clit goes wild when I get to hear your
voice come over the line.

I have so missed you darling. I have missed the laughs we share, the
giggles you create from me, the moans you bring from my throat while you
describe what you want to do to my body.

I love our connection and am so thankful you chose to call me in the
middle of the evening to help fulfill your desires while leaving me weak
kneed and panting.

Crave you, crave your voice, crave our time together darling, you are so
special to me.

xoxoxox Your Amber

I love her, I love the way she moves with grace like no other. I love that
tinkle in her eye that she gets when she smiles and that little devil of a
grin that she gets when she cums.

I love him, I love the way his laugh fills the room with so much joy. I
love how they look together when they are dancing slow and tight- and then
both reach out there arms to draw me in tight.

I love who you are, so many times not said. So many times whispered in the
dark as I hang up the phone.

I crave you, but you already know that don’t you. You know that every time
you pick up that phone and we get to spend time together.

I want you, I want your voice over that line telling me you can’t live
without my voice in your ear, my smile in your dreams.

Being Poly…

I love seeing my partner make love to another person. I love to watch the
interaction between the two (or three) of them.

I love sharing but I also love being in love with more than just one
person because not one person can complete another.

So enjoy your life- play and laugh, giggle and cuddle, fight and make love
but most of all, love each other no matter what, it is what makes the
world go around.

xoxoxoxo Amber

Anyone want to join me for The Feast of Lupercalia?

So many people will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the 14th of Feb. but
I want to go to the darker side of this holiday.

Back in Rome, men would get drunk between from the 13th until the 15th,
and whip naked women!

The women would line up for the men to beat them, believing it would make
them fertile.

As much as I love the idea of having my Master beat me, one of the funnest
parts of this drunken sexually charged holiday is the matchmaking lottery
in which young men drew the names of women from a jar. The couple would
then be coupled up for the duration of the festival — or longer, if they

So call me Valentine’s Day and lets celebrate the right way- with lots of
naked sex and nice hard whips!!!!

We don’t have to take our clothes off… but I love it when we do.

I love knowing you are laying there naked and waiting for me to come on to
the phone lines. I love knowing you are hard just waiting to hear my

Let’s let our brains play while we get to know each other better- some of
the best sex happens when we are just teasing and pleasing each other with

I can’t wait till you pick up that phone so we can enjoy each other even more

You know you want her but you try so hard to deny your urges, how is that
working out for you anyways?

I know you try so hard not to reach out and fulfill your cravings but did
you know that they harder and longer you try, the weaker you become in the
long end to say no to your wants?

So, why fight it? Why put yourself through all of that misery when you
know you are just going to give in anyways or worse yet- going to act out
in so many other unsatisfying ways until your urges and cravings take over
and take control of you.

Give in, just succumb to YourDesires and stop trying so hard to resist
temptation. You know you crave it, you know how good it feels when you
hear that sweet little voice in your ear begging you to do so many naughty
things to her.

Instead of fighting it, why not come up with a list of delicious desires
you’re perfectly happy succumbing to and then pick up that phone and lets
talk about them.

One of us phone-girls are here craving the same things so why fight what
we could both be enjoying?

Word of the day–

Today I found Pyrolagnia, now isn’t that a hell of a word? I am sure you
can guess the 1st part of the word- Pyro- fire.

But what does this word really mean? In the world of kink, Pyrolagnia
means sexual arousal from watching fire. I know for myself personally this
word means getting to sit by a fire, see the red and yellow flames dancing
together like lovers sharing an embrace.

A little known fact about me, when playing with you on my phone at my own
home, I usually have a nice large fire going in my fireplace so that I can
watch the flames embrace while we talk and have wonderful phone sex.
Feeling the heat from the fire and the heat that we are creating over that
phone line is what makes my body tingle and my mind drift into making love
to you the same way that the flames make love to each other.

Watching as the flames wrap around each other the way I want to wrap my
body around yours, feeling the warmth as the heat builds hotter and hotter
as our time we spend together on the phone line turns into some of the
most intense phone sex either of us have ever had.

I can’t wait to get to talk with you again and share our amazing phone sex
again darling.

I have been spending some of my down time while sick reading and spending
extra time on our YourDesires webpage playing with the other girls.

I also realized that I dropped the ball when it came to “Word of the Day”
posting I was doing for a while to match up with our Random Glossary

The best part of today’s post is that today random word an activity that I
really do love and that my DaddySir loves doing to me.

“Watersports”! YourDesires glossary says that it is “A humiliation
technique where the dominant urinates on the submissive.” But we that do
love this activity know that it is so much more than that. We love the
bonding that comes from this, we love the way it feels when our owners
stand over us, look down with love in their eyes, and mark us as theirs.

Some people just do watersports or pee play for fun and for enjoyment
because it can be quite an adventurous fun time with playmates, some
people just do it to discover new kinks, either way- it is something I
really highly recommend you try with a partner that you adore and trust.

I love how good my little cumslut looks in my panties, but he looks even
better when he is tied to the bed, one pretty lady riding his face and
another sucking his cock through those panties he bought from me the night
we did one of the hottest calls of our two years talking to each other.

We could just tell this call would be different from the rest because we
had been messaging each other all evening about the naughty things he
wanted us to do and about how I just made my last caller cum so hard that
he yelled over the phone. God, I love phonesex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as if you
could not tell huh?

He already had on another pair of panties that he purchased earlier in the
month and it was time to make those soaking wet with his juices now. I
love the way we made a bit of small talk before we decided to play and
then eased into the funnest part of the call, by then I already knew he
was naked at his desk in his office except for my cum-panties and hard as
a rock.

To hear him stroke his cock while we talked turned me on so damn much that
I couldn’t help myself. I came twice before I even let him start to cum.

Wanna know more? then pick up that phone and be the one to make me cum
while teasing and pleasing you darling- I am waiting….

Life as a phone sex operator keeps me on my toes, but I am always looking
for new things to learn.

As I was flipping through a copy of Cosmo, I found an article about
homemade bondage tools and had to giggle about this statement:

Clothespins- These mostly harmless miniature clamps are the ultimate
pervertible clamp.

While I do agree with the last part of this sentence, those little “demon
clips” are some of the ultimate pervertible clips around, but I would not
call them “mostly harmless” at all and neither would the men that I tell
over the phone to put these clips on to twist and turn them till they
scream for me.

My Sir would not call them harmless either, seeing how he loves to hear me
screaming in pain until I am screaming in earth shattering orgasm every
time he calls me.

What do you think, are these “harmless miniature clamps” or are they a
phone sex girl’s wettest dream?

Call me and let’s find out!!

“Love takes so many different forms”

Love isn’t just a wonderful prince riding in to rescue a beautiful
helpless maiden that the fairy tales make little girls dream of…

Love is not just the roses and candlelight that the movies make young
ladies dream of…

Love is not just the two older people sitting on a couch talking about
days gone by that stories from other couples make newlywed couples dream

Sometimes love is a touch, it is a kiss, it is a one night spent together
sharing your bodies.

Sometimes it is the sting of leather against soft skin, the hot wax
pouring down on a hard nipple, the deep intake of breath when you wrap
your hands around their neck.

Sometimes love is a whisper, a exchange of voices over a phone sex line
with a beautiful phone sex girl that leaves you breathless.

Sometimes love is picking up that phone line to call the girl you dream of
here at YourDesires in order to describe how you want to tie her up and
make her scream your name as you tell her all the wonderful devious things
you dream of doing to her.

What is love? It is whatever makes you shine.

Finally November is here… you know what that means right??

It means one of your favorite phone sex lady’s birthday is coming up on
the 10th and you know I want you to call our lovely YourDesires and have
some amazingly sexy-talk time with me, but what I really crave is to have
you call me and tell me you want us to pick one or two other of our sexy
sisters to have some fun with.

We can make them stand so still as we undress them together and see who
makes their “sextoy” scream first or better yet, see which one screams
mercy first my darling.

So pick up that phone and let’s really spend some time together getting
reconnected again Sir.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about ass-play and butt-plugs lately.

There are so many different kinds and shapes. Smaller ones with pretty
little jewels, larger ones with cute tails that can be so much fun to play
dress up with. There are thin ones that fit so nicely up a tight little
ass and big thick ones that stretch an ass out just right for a night of
hard ass-play.

I know my Sir loves it when he orders me on my knees with my ass up in the
air begging for him to slide that flogger base up this tight sweet ass of
his so he can bring out this whorey little animal that he loves to play so
hard with.

Believe a shopping trip is coming up soon in the future, don’t you think so?

Call me and let’s talk about your favorite type of ass toys…

One of the best part of getting to a phone sex girl is getting to discover
and explore new and fun kinks.

Altocalciphilia – is the official name of something I love and I am not
the only one. It is the fetish for high heels.

I have a few callers that have this fetish also and we have some of the
best calls talking about shoes, talking about playing with shoes, and
talking about how wonderful it feels to have high heels on while making

But, oh my god, the calls where I get to put you on your knees, I get to
hear you beg for me to run that heal down your back to your sweet ass and
I giggle in pleasure as you squirm like a bitch in heat just to feel me
slide that heal across your ass before removing in and hear you beg for my
touch again.

You want that pleasure again? then pick up that phone and lets see just
how much of this teasing you can take my sweet puppy.

it is about time Amber is back!

I have been missing all of you so much so come play with me…

Play with me- those three little words that have so many different meanings.

We can laugh, giggle, joke, moan and groan together. I love all of our
special different times with each other.

One time together we can have the most in dept conversation about our
lives before being romantic, another time we just hear each other’s voices
and can’t wait to rip each other’s clothes off.

Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Then come find me and lets see what
special time we will spend together this time.

Come find me… tag, it is your turn….

Did you know that that gorgeous submissive with the sweet little side that
is begging to give herself to you really is like a wild wild horse, not
that she needs to be broken and tamed, although some submissive do need
and crave that, no you see- she needs to know where the fences are, where
the valleys are, where they can run wild and still feel safe.

Just watch her when you touch her, see that spark that starts in her eyes
and before long you can feel it radiating through out her whole body.

When you bend down to bite her neck and tell her that no matter what she
does or what she craves- she is yours and you take pleasure in that, watch
what happens to her eyes, they gloss over and slide shut. She is hitting
that moment of pleasure where you can ask anything of her and she will do
it with extreme passion.

Have you ever seen a horse that feels secure run? The way they know that
they can go as far as they want and yet they can be safe. They can be held
back from going to far and losing control while running wild and they know
that there is a stronger force that is watching over them.

That is what your sweet submissive is showing you when you see her eyes
roll shut and then she looks at you like you are the angel among high. She
is starting her run and she knows that you will be there to guide her as
she lets her wild nature take over.

She also trusts that you are going to be there to hold her as you walk her
through her cool down/come down. She knows that you are going to be there
to giggle with her little side when it comes out and takes over wanting to
be a special treat.

Do you every wonder why a well trained horse can go from a wild running
mare into the best trained ride you have ever had? Why that pretty
submissive can go from a giggling silly girl to the hard fucking tramp
that you love to fuck?

It is because they know where the rules are when they don’t need them and
the rules won’t change when they do. They know that their owner is proud
of them and, while he may not always say it, he shows it and he expects
them to do as he says without having to say it twice.

Show them that there are expectations and they will both do whatever they
can to meet them, but treat them like just another horse in the field of
many – that their need to understand why isn’t valid and they will start
to wonder if they are valid- that is the tame side of a horse and the
child like side of the little you love begging you to wait, begging you to
let them hold on to you just a little longer until that storm inside of
them passes.

Amber is back darlings and it feels so damn good.

Sorry I have to go away for a little while but I am working my way back to
being here more often and my health is kicking ass again.

I have missed you all so much, and really missed my gorgeous sexy phone

Oh my God, these ladies-they are stunning. We really do have the sexiest
real ladies and it is such an honor to get to be back with them!!!!!

So, who is going to be that lucky man or woman to get to be the one to
welcome me back with a hell of a good time???

Hi all… Just wanted to give ya all a heads up to please watch the
schedule, not only do we have some sexy ass new ladies joining us here at
Your Desires, but… Amber is back baby.

That’s right. I am going to be making alot more surprise visits and I
wanna play with you!

but today’s thought of the day is going to be something sweet and fun-
(you see- even sadists have a soft side, sometimes.) Today the word is
caress… as I want to softly touch you and make your skin feel alive, I
want to feel your hand softly touching my cute clit, making me wet, so I
can take my pleasure in making you crave me even more.

Just the thought of you slowly softly running your finger tips over my
skin, that tingle I know we both get as the room starts to heat up and we
both start to feel that excitement building.

I crave you so badly when we play soft like this, they way your voice
sounds in my ear as our breathing catches together, the way you moan my
name when I reach out and stroke your cock head with my finger tips.

The way your balls get so nice and hard when my tongue touches them, the
way your cock bounces when I run the tip of my wicked tongue up the vein
to wrap around your head and bring it into my sweet mouth.

Oh darling.. I need you….

As you guys (and gals) know, I have been working on updating my page with
words of the day. I try to go sexy and hot but today this word caught my
eye and I just had to write about it!!!

Avuncular! When I 1st saw it I thought “damn that sounds like it could
have something to do with hand jobs! And we all know how much I love to
hear you stroking your cock when you talk with me!!! But it doesn’t (now
don’t you be thinking that I don’t want ya stroking- because I so do!) But
it means something else that is near and dear to my heart!

Being kind/friendly to someone new or less experienced!!!! I love those
words because I believe this is how amazing calls are started, new callers
become friends and playmates, but also how new phone girls become great
phone girls!!!!

We girls learn from each other as well as you all- our callers. We learn
how to best please and pleasure someone by being kind, listening to what
others maybe telling us with unspoken words. We also learn that phone
girls that respect each other like each other and play really well

So I will always make it my goal to be avuncular to others because it is

Oh but don’t you worry little subbies- just because my voice may sound
kind and friendly,never ever mistake it for weakness- because this quiet
bitch will have you begging to cum only to get off myself to the tremble
in your voice!!!

so word for today—-

Agoraphilia – Arousal from having sex in public places.

What a better word for me huh? I really really love having sex know that
at anymore moment someone could walk by and see us. Or better yet- would
walk by and want to join us! there is nothing hotter than another handsome
man taking this nasty little slut except for one thing- another hot
fucking chick.

Just thinking about the two of us ladies licking and sucking your cock
outside in the park, both is short little skirts that lift up to show our
bare asses as we are sharing a wonderful lunch of your cock and balls
makes me so damn wet to think about!!

I love to role play and one of my favorites is us out by the pool on a
really sunny day, me in my cute little pink suit and you in your shorts. I
love the way you get so hard watching me play with my friends. It is so
fun when you pull me down on your lap and I can feel that rock hard dick
just begging to come play in my tight little ass.

Hmmm so turned on right now, come play outside with me…. and share some
of your favorite things to do also!!!!

Ohhh I have got the most perfect word for today darlings!!! I know of at
least 3 of my playmates that have this fetish besides myself!!!

Wanna know what it is??????

Altocalciphilia — Fetish for high heels. Oh fuck yes!!!! there is
nothing better than a sexy pair of heals on a sexy women (or hot man) the
way they shine and make a person’s feet into such a wonderful toy!

I know one playmate that loves loves loves shoes as much as I do and she
loves to cum with them like I do, god I miss playing with her. I used to
catch her in the office, just her heals on and squirting dildo in her
pussy. She acted surprised when I walked in the door but we all know she
had this planned don’t we? God I love fucking that sexy beast right there
on her office couch, making her take my heal like she would a nice hard
cock, cumming all over her leg as I rubbed my cute little pussy lips
against her while taking her.. hummm

I also know a few very hot sexy men that know what a good pair of shoes
can do this this nympho. One I get to use my shoes on and I crave his
voice begging to get to rub my feet again as I set at my office desk and
run this heal along his thigh; the other loves to watch women walk in
heals and I love to hear his stories about getting busted by women
catching him getting hard by walking their shoes. God I love that. He
makes sure I have the sexiest high heals on these feet all al times.

sooooo what fetishes do you have that you think no one else shares??? come
share them with me darling! You never know, you might even surprise me!

Hello darlings.. you know I could really get to enjoy teasing you all with
these words while I am away!! Makes you crave me even more when I come
back on Wednesdays.. but you should watch the schedule for surprise visits
this Holiday Season!!!!

You know I just can’t stay away and it has been too damn long since we got
to play.

So what is the word for today??? well some of you already know my kink for
this and if you haven’t done it yet- well darlings pick up that phone and
lets play. I promise you will remember it for a very long time.

Today’s word is…. “Arab strap” That is a strap that goes round the
penis and testicles. Some of you know it as my pearl necklace that I love
to wrap around your balls so very nice and tight, going all the way up to
your red angry cock head and a pearl hard against that lovely V under your
head; still others know it as your belt don’t you darling?

Yeah you remember how I bent you over your desk, wrapped your belt around
your cock to use it to stroke you off- just when you thought you were
going to get to cum- I loved pulling that strap so tight and wrapping it
down around your balls to make you beg. You begged so very nicely too, it
was almost a shame to have to say no- but we couldn’t have you cumming
before me now could we???

That roar he gave when he came guys and gals was amazing… so what kind
of fun can we get into with straps, belts, and pearls???? Well call and
lets find out… I can’t wait hear you beg.

My secret lover, words whispered over a telephone line late at night,
fantasies fulfilled, dreams made.

You are the one I crave but can’t have, so I will enjoy the time we share
together and lave you pleased like no other.

Missing your voice, closing my eyes and believing these hands touching my
body when we talk are yours. That voice I hear in my ear with that accent
that makes this girl shiver- I can hear the tremble in your voice when you
are about to cum for me and I crave that.

I will be back on Wednesday and I can’t wait to spend time with you again
my darling lover… my secret lover.

It’s not about sex.

It’s about breathing.

It’s about heat.

It’s about that moment when I dig my fingers in, and you cry out.

It’s about feeling the way your body becomes limp when I draw your hair
back and expose your throat.

It’s about feeling the flutter of your pulse against my lips on your neck.

It’s about that whimper when my teeth bite down on the curve, and you feel
my hot breath against your skin.

It’s about the tense feeling as I yank your body against mine and let my
feral nature out.

It’s about claw and bite marks left behind as I decorate every part of
your body that makes you squirm.

It’s about knowing that I’m doing nothing to restrain you, but that you
won’t go anywhere anyway.

It’s about the taste of your sweat, and the feel of your skin, and the
scent of your hair, and knowing that your body aches, and you still want

It’s knowing that for those moments, for those minutes, that you are
completely, irrevocably, unresistant and that you are MINE.

No, it’s not about sex.

It’s much, much better.


We are easy to spot for those with open eyes,we love to play and have fun,
we love to giggle and laugh, but most of all we love Daddy’s attention!

Many of us are strong independent women that can hold our own in any arena
you may see us in- but yet, there is that certain glow, that certain spark
that you can see in their eyes just at that right time! Hard to catch but
even harder still for a Daddy Dom to miss!

Wanna know how to make your that girl your princess and that woman your
wanton whore? Attention, pay it- give it- notice that spark and have fun
with her, believe me, you so don’t wanna miss out on the fun that can be
had when you get to know that Woman’s little side, it will blow your mind
Darling and leave you wondering how you ever existed before without this
treasure by your side!!!!!

You talk like heaven and fuck like hell
Bringing me to a place
in between two worlds
You split me open
My two halves merging with you
Melting into you
As you sink deeper and deeper
Inside of me
Whispered words float around me
They sound far away
But feel so close
Brushing against my skin
A mix of honey and venom
Oh how I love your tender wicked ways
I feel real and alive in this place
This space that only in you I inhabit
I want to stay here always
Floating, sinking, melting
Where I am complete
Only with you.

The Whipple Tickle
I’m gonna guess you’ve never heard that term before. It’s funny though,
because it could have been a term you’d see in almost every Cosmo issue
you ever picked up.

The Whipple Tickle is the name that was originally put forth for the
G-Spot! Yes really!!!!

It was first suggested as a tribute to Professor Beverly Whipple, one of
the co-authors of the publication “The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries
about Human Sexuality”, but instead it was decided to call it the G-Spot
as a nod to Ernst Grafenberg, a German born physician, after Beverly found
an article he had penned in 1950 talking about female ejaculation and
internal vaginal erogenous zones.

Lol bet you’ll never look at tickling the same way again huh????

So on our home page we do a “Random word of the day” today’s was =

Painful bondage: – “Specialist form of severe bondage which is carried out
not just for restraint but to inflict pain by fastening the body into
positions that place strain on the muscles.”

hummmmm now that does make my little Creole heart skip a beat. There is
just something so fun about tying some one up and watching them struggle
with the pleasure and the pain. Watching each emotion play out over their
faces before they give into the pleasure of the pain and enjoy but yet
still struggle in vain.

Why do I know this is so much fun, Well darling now that is my secret
isn’t it ? but I do so love to tie a man to a high back chair and make him
watch as I slowly strip, with each piece of clothing that comes off those
ropes that are pulling your arms back behind your back are getting tighter
and pulling on your shoulder muscles till they feel like they are going to

Don’t worry darling, I have got you tho. As much as I love to hear you beg
to cum, cry to be let go, threaten to hurt me as soon as you get out of
those ropes- I won’t let any thing really hurt you.. well anything other
than myself that is…

So come play with .. we both know how much fun it is so what are you
waiting for darling???? scared?

Hello Darlings,

Happy happy Thanksgiving to you all… as I sit here relaxing in my big
comfy bed missing your voice, I just wanted to let everyone of you that I
am so thankful for you, for the time we get to spend together, and the fun
we get to have together.

Thank you for having with this sex staved girl for so long and for showing
my phone sisters a great time also!

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, happiness, joy, family and
then– Lots and lots of hot kinky sex!

hugs and kisses !!!!

It’s 3 am and I’m laying here missing your voice in my ear, that sleepy
voice that tells me you just woke up with me on your mind!

I am laying here thinking about how you say “good morning” and then tell
me what craving has woken up with you today.

I can’t help but to touch myself thinking how good it feels when you crawl
into this bed with me, slide my panties down these sexy legs and part my
soft lips with your fingers, slowly and softly ribbing and touching me
until I am squirming and begging you for more.

This morning I crave feeling you part these lips with your big strong
fingers so that your tongue can make me scream and does it ever.

I can’t help but to think about your mouth on me, your hands on my hips
holding me down as you devour my sweet soft pussy and drink down all of
my delicate juices. But you’re not done with me yet are you? Not by a
long shot. I feel your fingers start to open up my tight cunt, pushing and
thrusting their way up inside of my tight body as your teeth and tongue
continue their assault on my clit. No matter how many times I scream out
in pleasure, or how many times I coat your face with my cum you keep
taking me.

Each thrust harder and faster than the last until I am pulling at your
hair and begging you to stop, please please stop. I can’t come any more
and that is when your whole fist slides into my convulsing body and
demands I come one more last time. I hear your evil giggle as I arch my
back and scream. My body in paradise and my mind shot into outer space, as
I ride your face and soak the bed in my cum.

As I lay here floating, I crave feeling you come around to the side of the
bed, pull my up to look at you as you are stroking that rock hard cock of
yours and telling what a good girl I am for Daddy and then feel you slap
my face hard right before you release a hot stream of cum all over my face
and chest.

I crave feeling your hand in my hair pulling it hard as you continue to
pump stream after stream of your wonderful cum all over this sweat face,
in my eyes, my hair, and some even in my mouth.

It’s now 4 am and as I lay here shaking in post orgasmic bliss, I picture
you standing there, allowing the last few drops of your cum to hit my face
before you reach down to pull the blankets back up over my shivering body,
feel your fingers slide over my lips, and hear you say, “sleep well little
one. I’ll see you tomorrow morning to wake you up again in our special

Hummmm goodness, I can’t wait to hear your voice once again in my ear
moaning my name

Laying in this bed listening to the Seahawks kicking ass and playing with
my full firm tits wishing you were here.

You know how turned on I get when they win, and today is no different, but
since I’m all alone today- it is my sweet finger rubbing up against my
cute little pink clit even time that ball flyer!

Each time the announcer says “Touchdown Seahawks” I rub harder and moan as
I cum! How many more orgasms can I have??? Oh God yes here we go again!

So, now all that is missing today is you sliding deep inside of me, and
listening to me scream your name darling!

So let’s play a game… if you dare..

Tell me one song that makes you want to fuck, not just cuddle and surely
not make love- but that makes you want to get nice and naughty in the back
seat of your car, the back room in a bar, or where ever the hell you are-
you just need to feel that bump and grind as you are playing with your
favorite little cum slut.

Mine is “I feel a Sin coming on” by Pistol Annies… That song makes me
want to get up on that stage and get these clothes off very very slowly
while you sit on that chair and stroke that cock of yours for me. I would
love to watch your face as I slowly slide these tiny little straps down
over my shoulders and let this slinky silk dress fall down my body to the
floor as I am moving my body for you in your own private sex show.

When they get to the part about “The smoke in the whiskey got me feeling
easy” makes me want to slide my body over yours, wrap my arms around your
neck and ride that rock hard cock in your jeans till you can’t handle it
anymore and reach down to pull my wet panties to the slide and sink your
fingers deep inside of me, letting me ride those fingers until I cum and
then reach down to pull your hand up to my lips so that I can lick them

Turn it on baby and let me show you what this horny sweet slut can do to
your body, let me show you how good it is going to feel when you just
can’t stand it anymore and you need to be inside of me. God I want you
inside of me tonight darling…..

Good girls…..

We know how sweet they are don’t we? but what is better than a good girl??

It is us – the bad bad girls, you see we do what the good girls don’t and
what the hell, why not?? you see, I feel a really bad sin coming on and I
am sure you can see that temptation all over my face!

But I wish it was your cum all over my face and my hot sweet full tits…
hummm baby, look at that- you’re hard…. so come here and let me be your
widest ride!

It has been way too long since you have had this taste of Amber on your
lips sweetheart!

I am so loving my new Phone Sex Sisters!

As some of you know, I have been around the block for a while. That means
saying hello to new faces and good bye to some other’s. Well ladies and
gentlemen- I have to say, I so love getting to walk into this house and it
feeling like a home. It is amazing.

When women stand together, there is no power in the ‘verse that can stop
us! Which means you lucky people get the best of the best of the best!
You get ladies that are hot, sex, fun, adventurous, that really do like
each other!!!

Besides that, have you seen how sexy these ladies are??? Hello! We have
those tall dark drinks of cool water, those sweet young pretty things,
these sexy ladies that know just what a young man is craving and needing
the most, and we have those of us that are skilled in bringing out your
darkest dankest fantasies and can leave you on the floor begging for more.

But, all that being said- the best part, we are all real women that like
to have fun, that grow close with our callers and become friends, and
truly do care about lifting each other up and in turn giving our callers
the best phone sex around.

Call and try us on, I am sure we have the perfect girl to scratch that
itch of yours darling!

Forbidden fruit–

We all know that the forbidden fruit tastes the best when we finally get
to slide our lips against it and feel it fill our mouths.. but what
exactly was the original forbidden fruit?

I was setting with my sexy phone sisters talking one afternoon and that
topic came up.

Carmen said she thought it was a peach- because that soft delicate skin
with just the right amount of fuzz could tempt anyone. The way the flesh
parts so softly and wetly as you slide your teeth softly into it and the
juices coat your tongue with the most delicious taste.

Hollie said, Naw it was a pear! What with that wonderful sensual shape of
a woman’s body and the way the flesh give a little bit resistance before
finally surrendering it’s juices.

Nikki and Quinn were in agreement that it was a banana- what with the way
you have to pluck it down from all the others, you have to use your hands
to peel away that hard outer skin and then you get that white lovely
creamy fruit to slide so deeply into your mouth.

Little Lucy thought it was blackberries because you have to really want it
and work for it to get it- and when you do it can be either sweet and
lovely or tart and leave you mouth begging for more.

And me.. well I think the forbidden fruit was the blood orange. So sweet
and exotic tasting and yet with a bit of tang that lingers on your tongue
to remind you of the firm flesh that you just parted with your fingers to
reach into that pretty pink juicy core and slide the fruit into your
mouth. The way that fruit bursts open with the most magnificent flavors
that coat your lips and runs down your chin if you are not careful to
catch it all in time.

hummm all of this talk of forbidden fruit makes me want to taste each and
everyone of these girls to see just how tantalizing their juices can be on
my tongue and leaves me craving to tempt my man into committing a sin with
me… giggle….

The most beautiful woman in the world.

Come on tell the truth, we all either want to be her or we want to be with
her, no harm in that at all.

But rarely does a person come along that really is her. You see, I had her
in my life and I lost her. Stupid little mistakes added up with harsh
little words to bring a world crumbling down.

As we sat and talked last week about what was, what happened, and what was
left- I realized that she also felt that she had the most beautiful woman
in the world beside her- but we both were too blind to open our mouths and

What I love about being a Phone-sex girl, is that here- my awesome callers
have taught me to open my mouth and say what I want, what I need, and what
I desires so as we where saying our goodbyes for one last time, I did just
that. I told her I missed her and that I still crave her.

She just kissed me on the lips and told me that want and desire are
wonderful things, but that love is what I need to find. I smiled at her
and said that I have and will find love again- but until then, want and
desire is what makes my world go around and satisfies me.

Thank you for being my satisfaction my darling callers, you bring me so
much joy and smiles… and orgasms, I love orgasms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Letter to my Daddy”

Because I always want to remind him how much he plays in my thoughts

It’s 4 am and I can’t sleep. You see, I woke up thinking about you and
wishing you were here in my bed with me Daddy.

Your strong arm around me, chest firmly against my back, wonderful dick
just resting comfortably between my ass cheeks, and your mouth kissing and
biting my neck as you wake me.

I can’t help but think of your hand sliding down to my belly button,
making me jump and giggle as you play with it

I love feeling your hands slide further down, down to run your fingers
through the hair softly pulling it, oh the way it feels when your fingers
slowly slide into my wonderful tight pussy lips, I feel your fingers
against my clit slowly starting to strum it.oh Daddy I want to feel you
touching me

I am sliding my fingers down there to touch myself thinking of you Daddy
and start to feel that sweet tingle of my clit, I feel myself become so
creamy and wet, I feel my body start to shake and hear my breath catch as
I rub my finger up against my clit harder; my eyes roll back as I come
thinking of your voice in my ear telling me i am your babygirl, you sweet
good girl, your naughty little whore.

Oh Daddy how I wish you were in this bed with me right now, rolling me
over and kissing me before telling me to clean you up and bringing your
cum soaked fingers to my mouth so I can lick them of my cum.

I moan as I feel you kiss your way down to kiss and tickle my clit with
your tongue! Oh God Daddy , I can’t help but touch myself as I think about
you demanding and taking ownership of my now even wetter sweet pussy.
Your cunt Daddy, I bite back a dream as I come, wishing it was all over
your face!

I crave feeling you slide up my body, as you kiss my lips letting me taste
myself and you slide your cock against my clit cuddled tightly between my
lips and tell me to be a good girl and make Daddy cum slut.

I start to ride my finger like I would love to be riding your cock up
against my clit until I hear your moan, I feel your teeth clamping down
on my chest and feel that hot rush of your cum coating my clit and start
slide down inside of me coating me inside also.

Your cum marking me as yours while your teeth have moved up to my
collarbone and clamp down with such a force to mark me as yours- that I
can’t help but cum yet again Daddy.

I wish you knew how badly I crave you in this bed kissing me, your strong
arms wrapping me up and holding me tight all tbrough the day sexy Daddy!!!

I miss you DaddySir,

I miss your hands on my skin, your teeth on my neck, and your voice in my
ear telling me that I am your good little slut.

Know that work takes you away from me, but wish it didn’t. Wish you could
wake up next to me in this big king bed and make love to me till the sun

I crave feeling you deep inside of me. Marking me. Owning me.

Lunch is ready and I can not wait to take it into your office, shut the
door, and remind you why it is you I serve DaddySir in the best way I can
think of. I can’t wait to see your face when I lock your office door, take
this coat off, and drop to my pretty knees in front of you while you are
talking on the phone, working through your lunch time yet again.

I hope you enjoy this lunch as much as I do Daddy…. yummmmy.

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