Angie’s Fantasies

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Angie’s Fantasies

************************* Fantasy #26 **********************************
I was a bit nervous, as I was naked and kneeling on the hard marble floor
awaiting the entrance of my dominant goddess. My mind was racing thinking
of the first time that I had called her. I was in the middle of a serious
relationship with a fairly vanilla, yet attractive woman and had a job as a
partner in a prominent law firm. My life felt so boring, predictable and
monotonous. Furthermore, I hated that everyone in my professional and
personal life always seemed to want me to make decisions for them. I needed
a change. I just never had the courage to do it.

Her e-mail to me said, you don’t know me but I know you. I know that you
are a man who is looking for a beautiful, dominant woman to treat and serve
like the goddess that she is. I am that goddess, call me now! I laughed and
thought what do I have to lose. I called the number and she answered. I was
immediately intoxicated by her voice, string, sultry and oh so powerful. I
felt awed by her presence. She was unlike any woman I had ever talked to.
She described herself but it didn’t do her justice – spicy red hair, steel
blue eyes and an amazing body with a perfectly immaculate round ass and
exquisite plush 36D breasts. The first time I saw a picture of her after
hearing her voice, I nearly came instantly. As beautiful and sexy as she
looked and sounded, her power over me was even more intense. She started
slowly, changing my turn ons and obsessions – suddenly i couldn’t stop
thinking of women in shiny, form fitting clothes like latex or spandex.
Next, I became obsessed with athletic women with plush tits and shapely
asses. She gave me little assignments between each of our calls. I was only
allowed to masturbate to what she choose for me and when I came I always
had to say her name, “Angie!”, Furthermore, she told me that dominant women
always know best at work and in social life.

After a few weeks of calls with Angie, I started to notice big changes in
my life. First, I always referred to her as Goddess Angie. At work, I
started to defer to the women in my firm, they knew more that me anyway.
Didn’t they? In my personal relationship, my girlfriend didn’t turn me on
at all, she was weak and Goddess Angie had made me realize that my
girlfriend was more boyish than woman. How could I be turned on by a weak
woman, Goddess Angie asked me? Suddenly, when I was with my girlfriend, I
just wanted the night to end; so, I could talk to Goddess Angie and fulfill
all her tasks for me. I was no longer affectionate with her and was feeling
more and more distant. After a month of calls with Goddess Angie, she
surprised me with a call while I was watching a movie with my less and less
desirable girlfriend. She told me to excuse myself to my bedroom, to keep
the door open and to accept the video chat she had sent me. She also told
me to strip naked, place a garbage bag on the floor and kneel on it before
the computer’s video camera. I did as I was told and as I accepted the
video call, I saw my Goddess dressed in a black latex catsuit with her 36D
breast cleavage nearly bursting free. I had never seen anyone so perfect.
She told me to tell her how beautiful she was as I stroked my cock to honor
her. I did not need to be told twice. I lost track of time and forgot how I
had left the door open. My moaning increased as Goddess Angie teased me
with her latex encased body. She worked me to a frenzy and then after she
was satisfied that my girlfriend who had been watching silently for a few
minutes behind me had seen enough. She ordered me to cum. I exploded like I
hadn’t in years as I said, “Thank you, Goddess Angie! I adore you.” All I
heard was, “How could you?” and then the slamming of the door as my
girlfriend permanently became my ex. Instead of going after her, I stayed
kneeling and erect nearly cumming again when Goddess Angie said, “Good

Shortly thereafter, I sent a message, written by Goddess Angie as me, to
all my now former friends informing them I was moving on and no longer had
need of them in my life. A few asked why but I never responded (just as
Goddess Angie had commanded). Within a few weeks they joined my ex on the
outside of my life. At that point, Goddess Angie told me that she needed
someone with my skills to work for her, to help with her business as a
real-time and phone domme. I gave my notice to my law firm and began
working as a submissive for my Goddess Angie. The perks of the job are
great, I get to help her be happy and I get to serve at her feet 24/7 as my
reward. My fetishes have grown stronger than ever and my adoration and
worship for my Goddess Angie brings me pure euphoria.

I can hear her boots on the marble floor behind me now. It all started with
a call for me. What are you waiting for?

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