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Angie’s Thoughts

********* Happy New Years **********
We are hours away from 2017, and I can’t wait to make you my slave! Let me
dress you how I please and please me how I need to be pleased! I want to
brake you and brain wash you to do as I want and believe what I want you
to only. We everything for the next you will be what I want and need! I
will make sure that your needs are taken care of but only when and how I
say! So if you think you are in need of a truly dominate woman give
Mistress Angie a call and I will rock your world will I control ever move
you make!

*******************Glory Hole*************************
(A hole in the wall of a bathroom stall through which men stick their
dicks to receive anonymous fellatio, often while pretending the man on the
other side of the stall is a woman.)

Go to a glory hole for me
Let me talk you as get your dick sucked by the person on the other side
Orgasm deep in their throat
Relax while a total stranger sucks you
Your in for the time of your life

How long do u think you can last
Oh I can hear your close
Let lose and enjoy
Even if your shy it’s ok

***********************Glazed Donut*************************
(Ejaculating on a woman’s ass, creating what looks like a
glazed pastry.)

Come glaze my doughnut please! Give me all that cum on my ass
to glaze my doughnut! Shoot as many loads on my ass as you can.
Let’s see how glazed you can make it! i want all the cum you
can possibly give me! Maybe if you are down for it multiple
guys can cum on my ass over and over and we can glaze this
doughnut properly!

***************** Girl Next Door ***************
(An attractive, though seemingly innocent and
virginal woman.)

I love to play the girl next door. You know the
one that you can stop looking at when you see me
outside sun bathing, washing my dad’s car or just
coming home from college. So sweet and innocent with
my long red hair and nice D breast, tight ass and long
legs! I know that you are watching me and I make sure
that I wear short shorts, mini skirts, and tight shirts
to catch your attention because all I want you to do is
to teach me how to be the freak that you desires and want
so bad!

**********************Four on the Floor **************
(Doggy style sex.)

MMMMMMMMMMM Four on the Floor is my favorite position! I love it when you
grab my hips and just push nice and deep inside of me! just slide in and
out to almost not being in my anymore and then push back in nice and fast
and hard! I crave the way your cock feels as it throbs deep in side of
me! Please just grab me any time you want me to put four and floor and
have your way with me! just sliding in and out over and over again! I
need you all the time and just want you to take me every time your cock is
hard! Pull my hair while you are at it and maybe spank my ass too while
your balls bounce off my clit!

********************** Foot Job ******************
(Using feet to bring a man to climax. This usually
involves sliding a penis between the soles of a
partner’s feet, or between the toes.)

Come in and get comfy after a long day’s work! let
me strip you down and use my feet to give you a nice
foot job! Let me rub my feet up and down on that
nice shaft of yours! I want to make you cum all
over my toes and feet and up my legs if you want!
Just lean back in your chair and close you eyes and
let me do all the work getting you cock nice and hard
and over the top!

********************* Fetish ************************
(Sexual arousal resulting from a fixation with a specific act or thing.
Some fetishes are so intense that a person has trouble reaching an orgasm
unless he engages in, or at least fantasizes about, his fetish.)

Fetishes I love to hear all about them. If you think that you have a
fetish that I have not heard, call me and tell me about it. I love to
listen and role lay with any fetishes. I want to hear all about it and
tell what your fears, enjoyments, and turn ons are with the fetish. I
want you to tell me all of them from vacuum cleaner, whips, chains,
handcuffs, body worship, shoes, foot, butt, bondage, voyerism,
acrotomophilia, actirasty, agalmatophilia, anasteemaphilia,
apotemnophilia, autogynephilia, autoplushophilia, chasmophilia,
climacophilia, coprophilia, ephebophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism,
formicophilia, frotteurism, gerontophilia, hebephilia, katoptronophilia,
knismolagnia, lithophilia, masochism, melissaphilia, nasolingus,
nebulophilia, necrophilia, objectophilia, partialism, pedophilia,
podophilia, psellismophilia, psychrophilia, pteronphilia, pubephilia,
pygophilia, sadism, savantophilia, stygiophilia, teleiophilia,
teratophilia, titillagnia, transvestic fetishism, urophilia, vorarephilia,
xylophilia, zoophilia and etc. I want to learn and explore more and more
with you so if you are down to talking to me about it just pick up the
reciever and give me a call! I can’t wait to enjoy your fetish with

****************** Facial *******************
(When a man ejaculates on his partner’s face.)

I love it when a guy is done face fucking me
if he gives me a facial and makes me wear if
with pride! I love cum dripping down my face
onto my breasts. The bigger the load the better,
make me wear more then one load at a time! I just
want my body especially my face covered in your cum!!
Please give me all the cum and even if you want to
see more then just you cum on my face, do it! The
more cum I’m covered in the better!

**************** Face Job/Fucking *****************
(Thrusting a penis into a partner during fellatio
as if the mouth were a more accommodating orifice.
This act often provokes an excess of saliva and
involuntary tears. It is commonly featured in
hardcore porn scenes and involves gagging, deep
throating, and runny mascara.)

Face fuck me over and over push that cock nice and deep in my throat
Adjust your speed as I get into it more
Cum down my throat over and over
Even is sounds like I can’t take it just keep fucking mu mouth

Face fuck me face fuck me
Unlike most woman I love to gag on your cock
Control me by grabbing my hair and pushing in so deep you balls are try to
go in my mouth too
Keep fucking my face after you cum and make me make you cum again
I love you face fucking me over and over
Now grab my head and push deep and explode in my throat
Give it to me give it to me give it to me

****************** Exhibitionism ********************
(A fetish for being a public spectacle. This often
manifests in streaking, public sex, or flashing. A
common trait among porn stars.)

I’m a big exhibitionist! I love to have sex in public!
I love parks, movie theaters, parks, swingers club,
in cars, at hotels with the blinds and windows open, and
anywhere you wanna fuck me! Let’s just roll play ever and
any where you can come up with to have sex in public! I
love people watching me get fucked over and over! I love
to see their reaction when I squirt down your cock or in
your mouth or when you cover me with cum all over my body!
So if you are down with having people watch us and the
chance of us getting caught just give me a call and we
will explore all the avenues that turn us on!

****************** Etch-A-Sketch ******************
(Drawing a smile on a woman’s face by twisting her
nipples like the knobs of an Etch-A-Sketch.)

I wanna be your Etch-A-Sketch! Just lay me down on the bed and twist my
nipples left and right and watch the smile form on my face. MMMMMMMM That
feels so good, when you are done turning my nipples and slide a finger in
me and see how wet you have mad me and then do it again! Use me as and
Etch-A-Sketch any time you want I want you to draw a smile on my face any
time you feel like it. That would make me happy if you could just turn
those nipples any time you are around me! Just reach over and twist both
of them and I will smile over and over again for you!

**************** Erogenous Zone *******************
(Parts of the body sensitive to sexual stimulation.)

I have lots of Erogenous Zones! My body is so sensitive to sexual
stimulation! My breasts perk up, my pussy twitches, my belly feels like
butterflies are in it, my ears send chills down my body and playing with
my hair being pulled makes me squirm and I get very wet. So let’s
role play and touch all my favorite spots on me and send my body into an
orgasm and let me get the bed all wet. Use my body as a playground if
you want and see how many more special spots you can find that stimulate
my sexual desires. Just Call and let me be your phone sluts any way you
want me too.

************************* Earmuffs *******************************
(When a woman’s thighs are wrapped around a man’s ears during cunnilingus)

I want to be your earmuffs this winter! I want to wrap my legs around you
while you are going down on me over and over. I want to squirt in your
mouth while you eat me out. I can keep you warm as I wrap myself around
you ears. MMM feeling that tongue like on my clit feels so good. I wish
you could do this all winter long.

****************** Dream of Cream **************
(A wet dream.)
Today when I woke up from my nap I found that I had a Dream of Cream and
I was soaking wet! My dream was that you where down on you knees at the
side of the bed with my feet on your shoulders and you where going to town
on my clit with your tongue and fingering me at the same time! You where
making me squirt in your mouth and then you stand up and slide you hard
throbbing cock nice and deep in my pussy and bend down and suck on my nice
hard nipples and I squirt on your cock. Then I wake up so please tell me
what you do after!

**************************** Tonight ************************************
I just had a great time and I would like to role play it again!
So let me tell you about it! I was having a party and selling sex toys
and had a bunch of the YD girls at the party and my man (You) came home
and go up stairs because you don’t want to bother the party. But the girls
are checking out the toys and say that they will buy some if I demonstrate
how they work. So I go up stairs and tell you that I need you to come
down, the girls will purchase my sex toys if I show them how to use them!
You say ok thinking you where going to use them on me but when you get
down stairs you find out it’s a strap-on so I have you get on your knees
and suck is and tell me how much you like sucking my cock and then I bend
you over the couch…….

****************************DP: “Double penetration.”**********
(When a woman is simultaneously penetrated anally and vaginally.)

MMMMMMMMM please DP (Double Penetrate) me! I can think of so many way
that I love to be DP! You can fuck my ass while one of the girls here has
a strap on in my pussy, you can put a but plug in me while you fuck my
pussy, you could fuck my ass while I fuck myself with a dildo, or we can
have you and another guy just go to town on me! I don’t care what way you
choose just please give it to me, all of it to me! I want you to make me
squirt over and over and don’t stop all let’s go all night! I love being
stuffed it feels so good! So if you are willing and ready just pick up
the phone and lets have some fun!!

******************* Double Shot *****************
(When a man ejaculates twice during sex.)

Double shot deep in my pussy
Orgasm with me over and over
Use my pussy and don’t stop just keep fucking me until you cum again
Bury your cock so deep in my hot tight pussy and let me drain
Let’s cum and cum together
Even if you cum I want more

Shot that cum in me over and over
Hot cum running down my pussy lips and on your cock as you continue
Over fill that pussy with all that cum
Take control give me a Double Shot

************** Dishonorable Discharge*****************
(When a man ejaculates in a shameful manner. This can include premature
ejaculation or reaching climax while masturbating to embarrassing porn
just as another person walks in the room.)

Don’t think you are do sly
I know what you do behind closed doors
Stroking that cock to embarrassing porn I told you to watch
Head of you cock throbbing
Oh you are so sly until I walk in on you and you cum
Now don’t you be a 2 second guy on me
Open your mind but turn down your cock
Relax just enough to keep it together and not cum to soon
Abandon the thought of not getting caught watching your porn
Better believe I will walk in on you watching your porn
Look at how wet you are from cumming before me
Eventually you might last longer then 2 seconds

Don’t close your eyes watch that porn
I startled you walking in you didn’t expect me and came all over
Searching got something to cover yourself with but its to late
Chaos running though your head embarrassment, shame and shyness
Head down is all you do after that cum
Are you ready to please me no that you are all done
Run that tongue all over my clit and I’ll show you how to not cum in 2
Give me what I want because you sure got what you needed
Embarrassment is all you need to get off

************** Dinner for Two *****************
(Simultaneous oral sex.)

MMMMMMMM doesn’t dinner for two sound like fun tonight?? I want to suck
your hard cock while you lick on my hot juice pussy for hours! Let’s cum
in each others mouths! I’ll squirt down your throat while you shoot down
mine! I could not ask for a better dinner then that, could you?? I just
wanna run my tongue up and down on your shaft and balls and feel you moan
as you like my pussy nice and good! I love the feel of your moans
vibrating my pussy while you suck and lick on it! I want you to feel my
moans all over your cock as I slide up and down on it!

************ Dick Beater **************
(One who obsessively masturbates.)

I love a Dick Beater! So let me hear you masturbate all day for me! Let’s
play hooky and stay home and just masturbate all day and night! Watching
you run your hand up and down your shaft and back up over the head is so
hot! we can get off over and over again just watching each other
masturbating all the day long! Let me lick it for a moment to get it wet
again so that your hand slides nice and easy up and down!! I will
masturbate to you masturbating for me and we can enjoy each other all day
everyday!! I love to hear the different paces you stroke with as you get
closer and closer to the edge! So get that dick ready for me and let’s
masturbate until our legs are jello and we are so exhausted we cant handle
it any more!! This is one of my phone fantasies! So if you are up for
getting off over and over for me just pick up the phone and let’s have
fun! Or if you like to cam I would nothing more then to watch you run
that hand up and down your shaft all day long!

************* Devil’s Threesome *************
(A threesome involving two men and one woman.
This is not the type of threesome most men
fantasize about, but it is what most settle for.)

Devil’s threesome
Even if you are shy too we can make it work and have fun
Variety is the answer so enjoying sex
I want you and another man to make me cum over and over
Let just bask in the opportunity we have to share another person

Sucking on his cock with your cock deep in my pussy sounds like fun to me

Touch me all over both of you
Here is your playground to do to me as you please
Reaching climax is all that should matter to all three of us
Eager to please is all I need from you
Edge me over and over with both you cocks
Sounds of moans and ecstasy are escaping my mouth
Open your mind to pleasing me
Make me beg for you guys to stop and just keep going
Even after I squirt all over your cock just keep fucking me

(If you wanna please me and have a threesome, I’m down as long as it’s me
and to guys!! So lets get our freak on and just fuck all night!)

************** Degradation****************
(A fetish for being psychologically
degraded, or degrading a partner.)

Degrading you is what I’m good at
Even when you think you can’t take anymore I will show you how worthless
you are
Give me the safe word to listen for then I’m tearing you down
Ready for me to tell you how small your cock is?
Agree with me when I tell you you are pathetic
Don’t ever disagree because your opinion means nothing to me
Abandon any self esteem you have because I will tell you everything you know
Take what I say to you as the golden word
Impress me with how pathetic you are
Open your mind to how worthless you are
Never will you leave me because you are a worthless, pathetic sub who need
to be put in his place

(You ready for a the degrading things that come outta my mouth? Then pick
up the receiver and let me tell you all about how you desire only what I

******************* Cum Fart************
(Farting out semen after anal sex.)

Cum deep in my ass and then see if I can cum fart for you
Unload all the cum you have been saving up deep in that tight ass of mine
Make me moan over and over as you cum in my ass

Finally pull out nice and slow after filling my ass up with air and cum
And listen closely to see if you can hear my Cum Fart
Ready her it comes
Tell me how much you loved to hear and see and smell our cum fart

I cant wait you have you do this! I makes me so happy when you fill me
uop with cum and air and then after we have both released ourselves I can
hear the cum fart and feel the cum run down my ass crack and mix with my
pussy juices!! MMMM and then if you are felling up for it you can clean
ly pussy of our juices, PLEASE!!! Yes Please!!

*************** Closet Freak ****************
(One who inhabits an alter-ego during sex that
is in stark contrast to her public persona.)

Come let this Closet Freak show you how different I
am in the bed room compared to my normal life!!
In my everyday life I work hard and am very dedicated
to my workaholic life and treat people how I want to be
treated! I’m really shy at first when I meet people and
very friendly is talked to, but get me behind close doors
and I’m the freak you are looking for! I have no problem
telling you what I want and how I want it! I get buck
wild and I hate to stop once I get started! I just wanna cum
and cum and cum all night long and I want to make you cum
like you have never came before!!! So if you are in the
mood for phone sex slave or a dominate woman to take charge
of you, here I am!

****************** Chrematistophilia*************
(A fetish for paying for sex, or for being robbed or blackmailed by a sex

Chremotistophilia is a big fetish of mine! I would love to have you pay
me for sex! Tell me what you want and how much you wanna pay and Ill
think about it and maybe negotiate with you! Or maybe we can role play
about me robbing you or blackmailing you into sex with me or your partner!
I love to take you money to have sex with you and make you beg me to
take it! I want you pay for it. We can have so much fun with it all! You
can be my sugar daddy and take care of me by paying for my sexual
attention or I can just look up everything I can find on you and use the
information to get what I want!!

***************Chastity Belt*****************
(A medieval device that forcibly guards a
woman’s virginity. These usually resemble
metal underwear locked around a woman’s waist.
Small slits in the metal strips allow the woman
to perform various bodily function, but these are
not large enough to admit a penis.)

Chastity Belt I wan to put you in one and have you
send me a key and then have the other key in a lock
box for you to use when and only when I say it can
be freed! You can watch the timer count down and
anticipate the release you think you deserve and
wonder if I’m going to let you release yourself
on the phone with me or if I’m going to make you
set the timer again! So if you want a sensual
hard ass DOM give me a call so you can be part of my
twisted mind play!!!

************* Blue Balls******************
(An irritable psychological state achieved
when a man is aroused for an extended period
of time without reaching an orgasm.)

Blue Balls is what I’m in the mood to give
you today! I want to get you close to cumming
and bring you down and then get you close again!
I want you to enjoy it but I don’t want you to
cum! I love sucking on you until you are going
to explode in my mouth and then walking away and
doing something else for a while. Then coming
back to get you erect again for me! I would love
to slide my hot wet pussy on your hard cock until
you are about ready to cum and then get off of you
and let you go back down! I can do this for hours,
days, weeks and even months if I feel like it and
depends on how much you can handle. I want to lay
next to with your huge hard on and squirt all over
the bed for you and watch you get harder and harder
as I get closer and closer to squirting and then take
a nap and do it again and again! If you need some
blue balls and think you can handle me mind fucking
you outta cumming while you enjoy me getting off over
and over with out you just give me a call for some
one on one phone sex!

(“Bound for pleasure.”)

Bound for pleasure is what I want to do to you or you to me
Offer your wrist and ankles
Unable to adjust is the the goal I have for the ties
Need you to ask to be let go
Don’t think that I’ll go easy on you

Feathers down your sides as you are bound
Open your eyes and watch me have fun with your body all bound up for me
Relax I won’t push your limits to far I promise (hahahaha)

Please me by letting me sit on your face and you can’t do anything but lick
Let me squirt in your mouth or on your cock as I have you bound
Eventually I will give you a release that pleases me
Ask and you may or may not receive
Submit to me and I will bound you all day for pleasure and have fun with you
Unload you self in or on me where ever I’m in the mood today
Relax and let me build you up to an amazing orgasm
Eager to please is all I need from you to bound you for pleasure

******************* Banging the Bongos*****************
(Spanking a partner’s butt cheeks like a set of bongos during doggie style

Banging the Bongos is something I really enjoy while having sex. I love
to have my ass spanked in a rhythm while you are fucking me doggy style!
Just slap each cheek repeatedly and slide in and out of me just the way you
like it! Hard or soft the sting is all the same and will make me explode
all over you over and over. The more you do it the more I will cum for
you! So let’s go all night and see if your hands and cock will keep up
with me! if you think you have it in you to keep up with this red headed
nympho then bring it on, but once I get started I don’t like to stop so if
you are down for the long haul just give me a call and let’s see if you
can match me!

***************Ball Busting*****************
(A fetishistic act in which a man enjoys being
kicked, kneed, or otherwise pounded in the balls.
In its extreme form, some men get their balls busted
by hammers, high heels, or paddles. Some straight men
with this fetish prefer to get their balls busted
by other straight men because it is more humiliating
or because they think men can deliver more force.

Busting your balls is what I live for
All I want to do is kick, knee, punch, pinch them
Lay down on your back with your legs spread
Let me just have fun with your balls

Balls being stepped on with heels, beat them with paddle
Using them to give you pain is what I love to do
Stomp on those balls is all I can think of right now
Tying them up tight and hitting them
I enjoy the moans of pain in your voice as I have fun
Nothing will get in my way giving those balls pain
Get over her and let me get started

(This phonesex line is here to make your fantasies a reality so just give
me a call and I will have so much fun with those balls! I can’t wait to do
some ball busting with you and treat them balls like they need to be

*******************Age Play********************
(A type of fetishistic role-playing in which
people pretend to be substantially older or
younger than they are. Includes fetishes like
adolescentilism and infantilism.)

MMMMMMMM age play is one of my favorite things to do in a role play! Any
kind of it! I’m down for daddy daughter, Mommy son, and Mommy daughter,
any way that you are up for playing I want to play too. I love being the
little girl to that you can have fun with or I love being the Mommy that
can have fun with you! I love to behave but I also like to act out and
see what happens too! I enjoy when you behave or when you act out also!
I can play nice or I can punish you good! So if you are down for some age
play these real phone girls are down to get dirty with you! So just give
me a call and tell me what you are lo0king for and we will have so much fun
role playing age play!

(A fetish involving sounds. This can include such things as being aroused
by music or a partner’s moaning.)

A fetish I love is the sound of your moans to make me cum
Call my name and moan for me and I will squirt all over for you
Offer me the low rumble in your throat as I massage my clit and finger myself
Up next to my ear sends chills down my body getting me wet and wetter
Softly just moan over and over for me and let me know that you enjoy me
Talk to me with your amazing voice
I can’t take it anymore I’m going to squirt and soak the bed
Cum cum cum that is all I want to do over and over to your moans
Offer me your moans every time I wanna cum and I can come all day and night
Play some sexy music and I will feel like I’m in heaven as I cum over again
Head spinning and legs twitching as I release myself to you moans
I need your voice and the soft sound of music
Lay me down and just moan over and over and say nothing else
I want to cum with nothing but your moans please
Adjust the rythem of them as I get closer and closer

******************** Ablutophilia **************************
Fetish for baths or showers that usually centers around a
naked person lathering themselves up.

All naked in the bath with bubbles filling up the tub
Basking in the bubbles as they lather my skin
Lathering up every inch of this beautiful naked body
Until you come closer and watch me move the soap all over my skin
Tell me how hard you are getting just watching me lather up my body for you
Orgasm over and over as you watch me
Pull you cock out and stroke as I tease you with the way I rub myself
Hand up and down on my body and on your cock
I enjoy just lathering myself up over and over for hours while you watch
Laying down in the water makes me want to lather all over again for you
I raise my leg out of the water to lather all over again for you
Ablutphilia is an amazing fetish I want to enjoy over and over again with you

*************** ABC party *********************
“Anything but clothes” theme party in which guests
can come naked or draped in non-traditional coverups,
such as duct tape, boxes, newspaper…

Anything but clothes
Bring anything you wanna cover your body with except clothes
Coverup with fun things and lets see how many different outfits people
come up with

Party any way we want: wine, sex, alcohol, etc..
Anything goes in at my party no limits no boundaries (except not clothes)
Rave about my ABC party for weeks
Tell all your friends and lets just have some fun
You are all you need to bring and just have fun and enjoy yourself is all
I ask.

(Lets have this party on the phone and let me tell you what I wore
tonight! I am barely covered and ready for all the fun that comes my

********* Thought of my day *********
It’s really dark outside and I just wanna cuddle by the fire and have
you slide a hand on my thigh! Then start making out with me. I want to
feel your lips up and down my neck to my lips and then down to my
nipples! Let’s see how hot we can make it in here! Then lay me back on
the floor and undress me! Kiss my thighs and tease my pussy! Make me
squirm to your touch! Then bring yourself down on top of me, while
kissing me and teasing me with the thought of you making love to me!

********** Z is for Zipper sex ******
Zipper sex is all I have time for
I want you to hurry and make me cum
Pull down my zipper
Push a side my panties
Evenly spread that tounge on my clit
Relax my body to full orgasm

Slide your tounge deep inside me
Exploding in my jeans
Xeric is not something to worry about

Zipper sex is something new to me and I can’t wait to try it!! So next
time you don’t have much time just slide those fingers, tounge, or cock
right in there and make it feel good!

********* Y is for Yongles ********
Yongles slang for your balls
Open your legs so that I can message and lick those nice balls
Now squat over my face and let me suck on them
Guide them right into my mouth
Let me enjoy the taste while you enjoy the message of my tounge on them
Eventually I want to make you cum by licking and sucking on just your balls
Sound good to you??

Let’s have fun with your yongles, and when I’m feeling dom I will slap
them and bite them and pull on them!! What kinda mood you want me in
Let’s just have fun over, over with those nice big balls!

***************x is for Xenerotica ************
Xenerotica is sexual attraction to strangers
Eventually I will get to know you and this attraction will go away
Not that I care right now I just wanna fuck you over and over
Either your place or mine or even a hotel will do for me
Rock my world and treat me to a good time
Open you mind and release your cock to me for now
Teach me what you want to get you off
I am down for anything as long as you don’t tell me much about you
Come home with me and let me show you a good time but say nothing
Answer my desires and let me show you a good time

I know we don’t know each other at all but I am so attacted to you! You
turned me on the first moment I saw you I just wanted to rip you clothes

************** Angie’s Birthday*************************
I can’t believe that it’s time again!! It’s been my 5th year here at YD
on my birthday, so lets make it special! I want to spend time with
everyone and to bring in my birthday together. So let me lay back and
enjoy all the love you have for me!! Who want to spank me for my
Birthday?? I need them bad! Who want to make love to me??? Who want to
just fuck me?? Who want me to fuck them?? I want to live out all my
fantasies in one day! So if you are up for it please come fuck me,
worship me, lmake love to me and spank me!! I want to spend the day will
you and enjoy just laying back and being treated like a pillow princess
just for one day!!!

********** Thought of my Week*********************
My Birthday is Wednesday and I can’t wait! I have set up a few friends to
come and fuck me until Thursday morning!! I want to know how many of you
would like to hear me get fucked all night and talk to me on the phone
while it’s happening or how many want to hear about it when i come in
thursday night?? I would love to set up appointments at home to have you
listen and appointments on Thursday so I can tell you all about my night!
It’s going to be great, I have at least 3 guys at differnt times and a
couple at a time thoughout the night!! I’m going to bring in my birthday
with a bang and please come be part of it with me!! I will be checking my
email to respond to emails for appointments! Jusdt
email me and we can get it alll set up and have lots of fun! You can hear
me squirt all night and moan and suck cock and hav emy pussy licked all
night!! So don’t be shy just call and we can make it happen!!! LOVE

*************** W is for Wacking The Willie ****************
Wacking the Willie is what I want to watch right now
Accelerate you rythem and let me listen to the change in your breathing
Can’t cum yet but God your hand sliding up and down look hot
Keep Wacking the Willie for me over and over
I want to put my toung on the tip while you keep stroking
Nothing will take my attention away from you Wacking the Willie
Go on show me how errect your cock can get for me while you stroke

Take your time and strock all the way up and all the way down
Hearing the sound of your beathe change as you get closer to cumming
Even as i listen I get wetter and wetter

Willie need wacking more and more all the time and I just want to watch
I want to rub my clit while watching and listening to you
Let me lick the cum uop when you have exploded all over the place
Lick it up if you want to also
I your cum all over me and you
Enjoy Wacking the Willie for me please

************* TONIGHT ******************
Tonight is Halloween, it is one of my favorite hollidays. I love to
pretend I am something different! So let’s have some fun and play dress
up! Let me dress you up all slutty, or you can dress me up. I have lots
of costumes!! I can be a maid, a devil, pirate, witch, a slutty nurse, and
many, many more! Just let me know what your fantasy for the night is and
we can make that happen! I cant wait to have fun with you and dress you up
either just let me know what you have so that I can turn you into whatever
I want. Maybe I’ll even pretend to trick or treat in a slutty outfit and
seduce you when you try and give me candy! So let’s have fun and make
this a night you will never forget!!!

*********** V is for Vampire Sex *****************
Valid my imagination
And bite me and suck my blood
Make me a vampire so that we can be together forever
Pick me to be your mate for eternity
I want to look into your eyes and see them sparkle
Realizing we will never grow old and will always be together
Equals a happy Vampire Angie

Side right in to my always tight pussy
Enjoy my bady next to yours forever
Xeric is something we will suffer from but I’m ok with

Its Halloween time and I just want to drink you blood and make love to you
like you never have in the 300 years you have been alive!! ;) ;) Turn me
so my fangs can come out and slide into the skin of all the fresh meat you
bring home that we can share and feast on

************* U is for Unofficial Wife *******************
Unanounce to others I want to be your wife
No one can know that you have a mistress
Open you mind to the idea of me being you phone wife
Find me gifts that you want me to have
Find me jewerly that I would like
I wont tell anyone I just want you to be mine when she is not around
Come and enjoy our talks and love making
I need, want, and desire you all day and night
All you have to do is pick up the phone and just let me know you want me
Let’s share all our hope, dreams, and ambitions

Wives never need to know about me but I’ll be the one you can always turn to
I want to help you when you are down or make you day happier then it is
Feel my energy as we connect and become one together
Ever day is more and more worth living with you in my life

Baby, I have no problem being you mistress. I just and to love you and
have you love me! I want to be your everything she can’t be and know one
elsle will ever know just let me be what you have been looking for!

************ T is for tantalolagnia ************************
(The condition of being sexually aroused when being teased.)

Tease me and make me aroused
Affaid to hurt my feelings don’t be you are just making me wet
Names dont hut they just make me want to fuck you over and over
Tease me and please me
Adjust your tone and you wil get me wetter and wetter
Lavish me with all the teasing you can give me
Open my legs and slide a finger in me and see how wet you have mad me
Aggressive tounge is what I want as you tease me
Going going OMG I’m starting to cum with out anything but your words
Now get down there and taste me and tease me some more pleae
I need you to teasse me more and more
And finally I squirt all over you and the bed.

Call me a bitch, a whore, a cocksucker, call me anything you want! Just
let me cum all over you and enjoy myself.

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