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Freaky Friday…

Many moons ago I worked Friday nights  and remember all the fun that’s to be had!  I’ll be around my usual hours Thursday night and 5pm-10pm PST on Friday.  Maybe even a little later if you boys keep me cumming <wink>.  I’ve had such a good time playing with those of you I hadn’t heard from in so long, and hope to hear from those of you I still haven’t heard from!



1 comment to Freaky Friday…

  • Bob

    Where do I go where I won’t hear our voice? When can I sleep and not feel you inside of me? How can I not cry when I feel your lonliness? Peace comes in knowing what you have and not in this world. Accepting limits is another way of saying I can not have what I need in this life. May be I being selfish. I just need a place to rest where I can gather my thoughts and know I can build upon. Give us a moment to build. Give me a chance to open your eyes. A blink is all we have, and it will be gone…I have created a false calm…..How long till the terror hits me. I have isolated you for a moment. Will that moment be enough for you to realize how much I mean to you. You will turn your head and move on. Life is what it was and not is.

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