There’s been a slight change to my schedule….

If you want to get some sweet Abbie, you’re going have to hit me up on the weekends..and this weekend I need it bad! HARD, WET AND NASTY!  Send for my weekly schedule and come play with me!!


Going away for a little while….

But have no fear!  It’s only for 2 little old weeks .. Can you believe that I’ve invited away on a two week fuck fest!!  But the great news is, you get to use and abuse me this week!!  Just shoot me an email if you want me to stay a little longer and I’ll see what I can do…

My schedule this week is:

Monday Off
Tuesday Off
Wednesday 9am-3pm
Thursday 9am-3pm
Friday 3pm -10pm
Saturday Off
Sunday Off

Kisses and licks Abbie.



I’m back- have you missed me?

This bad girl is back to play hard and dirty, so who’s going to be the first to get me off??


Yeah ME!

I’m taking a week off my sexy guys and dolls, it’s almost my birthday :) I”ll be gone from 5/26/14 to 6/1/14.  Be sure to miss me XOXOX


Pain is life.

I’m looking for a new pain slut! Is that you? I need to abuse some cocks and balls, and what I could do with a hairless pussy! I have a lock and key and the need to use them! So don’t be shy cum out and play, and the name of Mistress Abbie to you!


Happy Valentines day!!

Just I quick note…I ‘m thinking of all of my sexy guys and gals and a special shout of to my YD ladies “Happy Valentines Day lovers”  and mmmm do I have some great plans tonight :D. I’ll tell all.

Hugs, licks, kisses and bites Abbie


Schedule change…

To all you HOT guys and SEXY ladies.. I’m won’t be online this Sunday 2/16.  I’m taking that day off but take a look at the rest of my schedule and I’ll chat to you real soon. Just miss me!

Abbie xoxox


Hi I’m new here..

Hi Guys & Gals….I’m Abbie, I just wanted to give a shout-out. Why not check out my schedule and come talk to me..I’ll be waiting xxxxxx


Cum and get some.

I truly believe that phone sex is my calling!! Maybe it’s the fact that I just got off an hour long call and came 9 times, maybe it’s when I hypnotize my little sissy callers into doing what I want them to do, or maybe it’s the simple fact that very little is taboo to me. I can be your Mistress, or your Sub, I’m a natural at both, and it doesn’t matter what sex you are, I love it all.

I’m sure that there’s a little girl locked in a grown man body just waiting to morph into that butterfly, And I’m the one to show you, your true potential.
What’s your favorite color honey, pink?
And are you leather or lace?
Damn! I think it would be fun to find out. So come and talk to me and tell me your deepest darkest secrets.