Sorry I have missed your calls, emails, and instant messages. I had a slight setback in my physical health. I feel much better now and my recovery was great. I didn’t know how horny I’d be without you guys. I missed hearing your moans, grunts, and cry-out’s for Mistress Casey…….


I’m From Texas

I can’t help the Southern Drawl and country Accent. I wasn’t raised in the Valley,  I’ve traveled across our entire nation and I must say,  you have to be one mighty sheltered pet to not have talked to people from different walks of life. Shame on you!! and for that you should be punished!!!


Lights Out

When the lights are out what do you see? Nothing, what color graces your eye lids? And in this Joyful life we all live there is some darkness. Deep Dark things have moved your being to call me. You can’t just tell anyone about your desires, you can’t just tell anyone that you like it up your ass, can you? You can’t just tell anyone that you think about or you want to suck cock. Not your wife, not your mother, and none of your friends. So what do you do? You break out of that shell vocally and tell Casey, Laura, Alli, Sara, Zivia, Bryanne, Angie, Chole, Skylar, Abbie, Hollie, Stephanie, and anyone else i may have missed.


Darkness,  Black, that’s where your secrets come from stop hiding in the light!!!


Chocolate Syrup & Handcuffs

Chocolate syrup and handcuffs
Two simple ingredients
For an edible ecstasy
Cool metal glinting
Skin tasting sweet
Sweat lacing the syrup salty

Satin sheets and oil
Let me rub your skin
Until it glistens
Soft sheets and the scent of patchouli
Skin feeling soft
Oil warming it to the touch

Sweet and soft
Rough and creative
Whatever you want
You shall have it within the hour
It’s true I need to be myself
But when we slip between the satin sheets
I’ll still mold myself
Into everything you’ve ever wanted




Lets Play

I’ve gotten your email and I’m Ready to slowly work my new toy in and out of a really tight and wet space and maybe i’ll let you play with it too



call me and tell me what it means to you


Sex Kitten

I want to purr in your ear……Beware….I scratch


Call and Cum

I know your balls are ach(8)ing to run a marathon to my voice



enough said


Super Secrets

The truth is Whenever you think I’m Sleeping I’m wide awake playing with your favorite phone girl. I invade her mind with erotic poetry, stare into her seductive eyes, undressing her from head to toe with my eyes. Focusing on her curves slightly while she moans nice and sweet, sexy and low. Everyone is happy when their bodies are hot. Just look at the posts were some sexy hot wet kinky ladies.