Lights Out

When the lights are out what do you see? Nothing, what color graces your eye lids? And in this Joyful life we all live there is some darkness. Deep Dark things have moved your being to call me. You can’t just tell anyone about your desires, you can’t just tell anyone that you like it up your ass, can you? You can’t just tell anyone that you think about or you want to suck cock. Not your wife, not your mother, and none of your friends. So what do you do? You break out of that shell vocally and tell Casey, Laura, Alli, Sara, Zivia, Bryanne, Angie, Chole, Skylar, Abbie, Hollie, Stephanie, and anyone else i may have missed.


Darkness, ¬†Black, that’s where your secrets come from stop hiding in the light!!!

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