Fun at the shop

I know I told you that I fucked my ex husbands best friend and business partner? For 5 whole years. I was a very bad girl. Once. While my husband was in the shop and we were in the kitchen/office. We had a big open floor plan office/kitchen/living room with couches and all the comforts of home. Vince walked in after me, slipping his hand inside my dress, cupping my breast. He kisses me on the neck, I smile and say “good morning” I jump up on the counter, pulling my dress up over my head, undoing my bra and freeing my breasts from boob jail. Vince ate my pussy until I came on his face. He then flipped me over and I hear him undo his belt. The sound of his belt coming undone was enough to get my pussy raring to go. I could feel it start to gush. Him standing behind me kneading my ass with his big strong hands. Holding on to his cock he slickened it with the juice from my pussy and slowly ran it up the crack of my ass. I shivered with anticipation. My pussy is so tight, still after all the fucking I get. I love the way the bulbous head of his cock feels when he pops it into me. I breathed deeply inhaling the smell of sex in the kitchen and office. Wondering if were going to busted one of these days. If anyone even knew the action this kitchen got. We’ve fucked in here hundreds of times. Hell I’ve redecorated the damn office/kitchen twice in 5 years. I spend a lot of time in here, either working on the books or working on my back. I got a right to enjoy my surroundings. The guys are rough on furniture with all their clothes full of grease or dirt. Machine shops aren’t known for their cleanliness. Vince started whispering to me, asking me if I wanted his cock. I was about to beg, I wiggled my ass, telling him I was ready for him. He rammed his fat cock into me, my body heaved forward, the force of him against my ass. My breasts swaying as he rammed into me again and again. I love to be fucked hard and Vince didn’t disappoint. I was already cumming on his cock I could feel my pussy gush soaking his balls. My sweet juice running down the inside of my thighs. He dug his fingers into my ample hips, pulling me closer to him as the head of his shaft pierced the opening of my cervix, god I loved being fucked like his. He picked up the pace, he was panting hard, I love the way he talks when fucking me. Asking me if I like way he fucks me, I love it. I know he’s dirty, he spent the whole day fabricating a part for a Seiner. I don’t care that he’s dirty, and covered in grease and slag dust from welding. I know how hard he works. I love it. It turns me on when a man has a good strong work ethic. It doesn’t matter if they’re turning wrenches, welding steel or out patrolling the streets in their uniform. I have a lot of old fashion ideas and values. I believe a man should work hard at his profession and in the bedroom pleasing his woman. I take my work as a woman just as serious. Whether I’m in the kitchen cooking for my family, or on my knees sucking cock. I take pride in my work regardless of what I’m doing. Right now I’m on my knees getting fucked on the cool poured concrete counters of the kitchen in our business. I ask Vince if I can turn over, I know he is close to cumming, I just want to watch him as he blows his load into me. I sit up, he pulls me to him, holding me. His thick muscular arms hold me close as his tongue darts into my mouth. He runs his hand down my back over my round ass, belly and between my legs. I open my eyes in shock as he thumbs my clit, grinding the pad of his thumb into me. He forces my legs open, dips his head down to lap up my sweet juices. He quickly pulls his head up, gives me a chaste kiss on the lips and guides his cock into me. Our eyes lock and I smile at him. “Now” I whisper. My orgasm within reach. He thrusts hard, I start to cum, I close my eyes. “No” he grunts. “Open your eyes, cum for me baby. I want to watch you cum” I smile, my eyes dancing, as he pounds himself into me. “I’m cumming” he growls. As he pulls me to him, his thick calloused hands on my ass. I love the feeling of him cumming in me, the instant magical moment when my body feels his cum in my uterus. I swear nothing feels better than the chemical reaction of a mans seed inside of me. We cum together, our eyes locked on one another. I whisper softly “I love the way you fuck me” He pulls away from me, the head of his cock pops out of my gooey wet pussy. The shop phone starts to ring, as Vince shuts the bathroom door behind him. I grab the handheld phone as I pull my dress over my head. I’ve got the phone cradled in my shoulder as I clasp my bra. “Good Morning, Midnight Sun Metal Works” I chirp. God it’s going to be great day. “it’s Steve, I’m on my way over with some parts, do you want a coffee?” I adore this man, well, any man who brings me Coffee really. “Please” I smile. Watching Vince walk out of the bathroom and head out to the shop. “It’s not even 9:00 am and I’m desperate for another coffee, the guys are really slaving me today” I exhale, trying to catch my breath. I hang up the phone and watch the video monitor as Vince picks up his welding helmet and puts it on. I look to see what my husband is doing, he’s out in the yard unloading a load of metal with the fork lift. I duck into my private bathroom to freshen up before I go back to my desk.



I woke up this morning when Chance called me. My phone was on silent, but somehow I woke up to see that he called. He wanted to spend the day watching TV and playing around. He has me hooked on Rescue Me. I told him to give me ten and I would pick him up. He made me coffee in my new french press and we sat and talked for a couple minutes. He remarked that I should be naked and waiting for him already. I jumped up and flipped the deadbolt on the front door. I ran into my room and started to pull my pants off. Chance wasted no time, he grabbed me and pulled me to him from behind. I could feel his cock up against my ass. I tried to get on the bed, but he had me pined to the bed, my pussy was aching for him. I told him I needed to get on the bed and climbed on while he finished undressing me. He held onto my hips and shoved his cock into my pussy. I was starting to slick en up, but he didn’t give me time to fully lubricate my tight pussy. The friction was a little painful, he continued to push his cock into me. I could feel my juice reaching his cock. He had to have felt me gushing. He wiggled his hips and was balls deep inside me. I loved it. He slowly pulled out and started to piston in and out of me with deep expert strokes. I was on my knees taking it like a good bitch. I could see the mirror on my bedroom wall. Chance was watching himself fuck me and I was watching him watch himself. Very erotic and sexy, I love using mirrors to enhance our fun. I lowered myself down, with my chest on the bed and my ass positioned high in the air. He got the message and grabbed my hips hard with both hands, digging into my flesh. I love that feeling him gripping my plump butt and my hips. Pulling me closer to him as he fills up my pussy. I could feel his cock stroking my G spot,  he was touching spots that hadn’t been touched in a while. I told him to fuck me harder, he started to go wild, ramming his cock into me, all you could hear was the sound of skin against skin, my pussy was happy with the constant beating it was taking. He gripped me tighter and pushed me lower on the bed. Chance laid on top of me, pinning me to the bed as he fucked me. The pressure of his body against my ass felt so good. I could feel his breath on my back. He was so determined to fuck me like I deserved. He’s told me before that was his goal to give me an amazing time in bed. He’s kept to the plan.

He slowed down, and moved up a bit, he used his hips to slowly pull himself in and out of me. I was starting to moan softly, this was torture compared to the pace we were at. I could feel every inch move in & out of my velvety pussy. I happen to have a extremely wet pussy. He pushed himself into me balls deep, giving one last thrust, filling me completely. He gripped my hips tighter pulling me to him. I could feel his cock explode inside me.  I tipped over the edge, his orgasm turning me into a cum craving slut. I love the way it feels to have a man cum inside me. The feel of his sweet cum coating the inside of me. I know it sounds odd, but I love the after effects of being a cum loving slut. I swear I’m calmer, more relaxed and satiated by a mans cum in me. I turn into a nice, sweet woman for a while. It has such a effect on me. I bucked him, driving his cock into me as I orgasmed around him, my pussy tightening, milking the rest of his cum as I cried out.

Then one of the kids pulled up outside my bedroom window. We jumped up and threw our clothes back on.