Small Change

You may not see me on the schedule often, but I am still here and taking calls!  Please send me an email if you would like to make an appointment, or keep a look out for me when I do show up online.

The women of Your Desires are not only irresistibly delicious and overpoweringly seductive, they are also wonderful company and good people to spend time with.  Thank you for all the time spent here!


You beg, I reward

“So, how does this work?”  Ask no further, fuck toys. I’ll lay it out nice and easy for you.  The more you beg to please me, beg to touch me, beg for me to let you cum, the easier it will be for you. I get off on my control, and your powerlessness.  You want me to take the lead?  Then sit back and enjoy the ride.  I’ll edge you to the most earth shaking climax you’ve ever had! Or, let you suffer with that hard cock because I’m just having too much fun playing with it.  8===D  :)  xoxo


Tuesday Tease

You sweet thing, just looking for a quick fuck?  Well I want to have fun with you.  Slow, playful, “take off my clothing one piece at a time” kind of fun.  Hot, heavy, “just one more lick please Mistress I beg of you!?” kind of fun. It feels so good and I’ve got you right. on. the. edge. Kind of fun.  Call me and we’ll do it up right.  Happy Teaseday!


who knew?

Unannounced presence in the YD night life!  Who knew I’d be staying up late partying with the wild crowd of AM feisty fiends, eager to get their rocks off before collapsing in a coma of pleasure and exhaustion.  Well if you really knew how insatiable I was, you’d anticipate my hunger for pleasure and expect me to prowl during the late hours of the night for the most vulnerable of fuck toys to use and abuse ;)  So give us ladies a call!  we’re dying to hear from you.  Or should I say, willing to kill <3


A Taste For It

All I want today is my face between a woman’s legs!! This tongue is ready to get to work, sucking those lips in my mouth and licking up the sweet nectar of my Goddess!  Who should I feast on first?  Delicious Hollie, Magnificent Zivia, or Glorious Madison?  Let me at ’em, I am just about the most eager slut you’ll meet today!


hot to trot!

Eagerly awaiting our phone date, you get me so hot and bothered when we talk!  Each time we come closer together, and you leave me glowing in ecstasy.


how does it feel?

Did you miss Me?  Did you learn the true meaning of worship in My absence? that your cock can’t feel pleasure without Me?  That lil thing won’t even get hard enough to play with until it’s wrapped up in my seductive voice.  Cum get what you’ve been longing for these past  two weeks, a taste of your Feisty Goddess Felicia <3


the sand in the hourglass..

is trickling down to the bottom half, each grain circling the opening…

Only a few hours left to talk to your Goddess Felicia before she spreads her wings and takes flight!

I am going on a Scorpio’s getaway for the weekend, but I don’t think I’ll leave the comforts of the hotel bed unless it’s to soak in the tub ;)  Surrounding myself with lovers to pamper and please me, worship me physically and celebrate my special day.


Have you met my deliciously divine friend Kali?

Welcome Kali to Your Desires, and find out why she’s such a terrific and terrifying addition to the group :)

look on my Fantasies page to read a record of my first encounter with this wicked woman, sure to have you trembling at the thought of the power we can take from you effortlessly as a Domme Duo.  Stay tuned, my fearful pets!


Cum one, Cum all

When you’re in the care of the women at Your Desires, you’re in good hands.  We caress lovingly, spank playfully, tickle viciously, stroke exquisitely, and pinch delightfully – always to your satisfaction. Cum play with us and share that pleasure that’s just too good to keep to yourself.