how does it feel?

Did you miss Me?  Did you learn the true meaning of worship in My absence? that your cock can’t feel pleasure without Me?  That lil thing won’t even get hard enough to play with until it’s wrapped up in my seductive voice.  Cum get what you’ve been longing for these past  two weeks, a taste of your Feisty Goddess Felicia <3

3 comments to how does it feel?

  • Felicia

    My attitude is all whips and chains, but what I’m saying is I’ve missed you too, and am so happy to be back. Show me some loving and let me show you some in return.

    • Lana

      Oh, Felicia, So glad to have you back… Maybe you will try those whips and chains on me ;)….Guys, Two-girl rates start at just $60 for the first fifteen minutes….

  • Amber

    We have missed you little one! I hope you had a great birthday and now it is time to get back to teasing, pleasing and beating these sexy men like a good girl! Hugs, Momma Cougar!

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