My C*mDumpster <3

I got so hot watching you trying on clothes in front of me in the dressing room, slipping on those tight pantyhose, seeing your body fill the tight lining of the thread. Your manhood engorged in the thin veil, hard, thick and pulsing.

You ask me to beckon in one of the male workers in the dressing room. I pull him in, close the door, and stroke his cock. I pin him up against the wall as I kiss his lips. Rubbing his cock as I feel him grow harder against my palm. I glance over at you noticing your raging hard cock, you do your best not to rub it..not to touch it…..every part of you is screaming to stroke your cock, but you don’t dare. Instead you allow yourself to be paralyzed by the view of me, taking off this his pants and sucking on his beautiful cock in front of you. You listen to the slurps and the gags and he fills my throat. I begin to slip off my skirt and panties and rise up to his ear to whisper, “fill my ass with your cum”.

He proceeds to turn me around, lick his thick fingers and graze them across my wet pussy, moving them down towards my ass, spreading my lips and cheeks. I sigh and moan and motion my hips towards him. He places his hands over my ass as I press further towards him, he spreads me, motioning his cock into my sweet ass. He pushes the head in as I gasp, he can feel how tight I am. He fights against it. Filling me. It fucking hurts, but it feels so god damn good at the same time. The moment he fills me, he wraps his hands around my hips and begins to fuck me full force. Making me scream and moan. I see you, the look in your eyes. Hungry. So enveloped. You can tell the moment I could he was ready to fill me with his warm cum. He tenses and stiffens as he grips my hips and pulls me into him.

He pulls away as I turn around and kiss his lips, sitting him on the bench in the room, I lay on his lap and beckon you to me as my ass is out towards you. You can see he filled me with so much. You get on all fours and crawl towards me. Press your lips into me. I want you to take in all he has given me. This is what you want. This is what you ask for…. you’re my little cum whore.


Take me to the moon

I’ve just turned 18, one of the most exhilarating years of my life. I’ve grown into a beautiful young woman. Long red hair that I’ve been so patient with letting it grow, I’ve grown into my curves and hips, my breasts are perky with soft small pink nipples….I’m ready for this night. I’ve never been anything but kissed by a high school crush, but now here I was sitting in the back of my 1997 Saturn with a boy I’ve had my eyes set on for years. I first noticed this beautiful creature when I was in 6th grade, I was not blossomed yet, I was stubby and awkward with short hair…quiet. I got picked on by other girls in school. He noticed their animosity and said the most funniest things to make them stop.
He had long hair. Black eyes. I’ve never seen a boy so beautiful. He dressed all in black and had long nails and sharp teeth. Most students were afraid of him. I wanted every part of him. He protected me and subtly touched me here and there throughout the years. Every touch of his made me tremble. My legs quivered and my panties became wet. I didn’t understand why my body reacted the way it did at the time. It frightened me, but…I liked it…I began liking the reasons why it scared me. I was drawn to the thrills, the smells, the tastes….every ass grab, neck bite, tracing his fingers down my spine thru the hallways with each pass…it turned me on like you wouldn’t believe….the thought of him playing with me gets me so wet.

Years come to pass, so many words have been said, gestures have been made, brief moments of pleasure between us have been shared….I find my self here…on his lap, With his beautiful black eyes staring into mine. My body is trembling, my breaths are short….I try my hardest to control them, but the more I do I can feel my heart pounding in between my breasts. He smiles at me, brushes my hair past my ear and grabs the back of my neck to pull me in close. His warm soft lips press against mine as I push mine onto his. My body suddenly feels so hot as he slides his tongue between my lips, making my mouth so full. He pulls my hips into his and pushes me back, and in again..over and over. Stimulating my pulsing pussy. I can feel my panties becoming wetter and wetter. He moves his hands down toward my ass as I sigh and whimper, his tongue that was filling my mouth over and over, thrusting towards my throat, running harshly over the top of my mouth- pulls away. He then continues with a kiss on my lips and moves his head down towards my neck. Kissing harder and harder the lower he gets. I can feel his cock against my wet panties become thicker….harder…..he continues to move my body in ways that put me in a state of ecstasy. My breaths become heavier and heavier as he presses into me and sinks his teeth into my neck.
“harder” I beg him, as he grips my ass pulling my panties down just a bit. He sinks his teeth in my neck even more as I whimper and whine. I clench my thighs against his as he grips my panties tightly, he pulls them hard, I hear a rip, he takes a moment from my neck to let out a sexy scoff of a laugh. He rips them completely off me. I grab his beautiful face and pull him into mine, he kisses me hard….my body is on fire, every part of me feels electric. He adjusts his hips underneath me and flips me on my back. I notice the windows of the car are fogged up completely. I laugh and stare at him, the moonlight hits his face just right as he sits above me…staring intensely at me with his soft beautiful inviting dark eyes….his hair drapes over his chest, he notices me enjoying him. He smiles and begins to take off his shirt. My legs are shaking….his dark skin is glowing in the lunar glow, god his body is so beautiful…..he leans closer into me….his skin feels so amazing over mine…..he asks “do you want me inside you, Franki?”
My lips quiver….I stare at him for but a moment and whisper “yes….i want you inside me…p-please”
He motions his hands down towards his waist as he unzips himself from his pants. Pressing his lips over my breasts, licking my nipples. I sigh “god….their so sensitive”….he begins to suck them harder as I make a small scream. I felt like I was on fire…all I felt was pleasure and hunger.
I never noticed him fully taking off his pants, but here he was, naked and against me. With a huge beautiful pulsing cock right against my pussy. I became suddenly so present in the moment as I listened to our breaths, felt our hearts beats against one another, my pussy juices were dripping down my ass, as I was motioning my hips towards his. I wanted him inside me so bad. I was ready for him to fill me.
“put it in…baby” I sighed
He smiled and grasped his cock, rubbing it against my small pink sensitive clit, making my legs spread more for him, I sighed “mmmmm…yeesssss….”
he circled his tip around my throbbing clit, covering himself with my wanting juices.
“you want it?” he whispered. He slides his cock right where I needed it….starts to push in…..

“mmmmmmm…..oh god baby…fuck me!! please!! i wanna feel that cock!!!”



The beginning of our adventures

Hello there, name’s Franki!

If I haven’t had the chance to talk to you yet I wanted to make a little post to say hello! I’m so excited to meet you! I’ve been learning about so many new and amazing people, have been playing so many fun games with others as they listen and learn all about me. I’ve never had my body explored in the ways I’ve been told to do so, and I’ve had the chance to explore my more Dom side, tell you exactly what to do and how to do it….I need more……I need so much more. I want to hear your stories, tell me your fantasies that we can play out together. I want to feel you as you feel me <3


Talk to me baby.