Don’t call it a comeback

because I don’t recall giving any of you permission yet!

This shiny new Penny is back and ready to slip back into some deliciously filthy phone sex.

Who’s next?


Penny penny penny, 9 hours to go~

who wants to be frustrated?


This lucky Penny’s going down on the dirty South,

and today’s the last day for you to use this pretty mouth!

I’ll only be gone for a week, don’t fret.

But call my phone sex line to tell me you’ll miss me, my pet!



Guess who snuck in

for a little Sunday fun?

I’m here to hear your confessions, sexy sinners, and Miss Penny’s phone sex pulpit is open~



What sounds better..?

The squeak of new leather gloves sliding over my skin?

Or the squeak you’ll make when they touch yours?

Call this xxx phone sex line, let’s compare…

If you’re louder with leather or if my fingers are bare?



Naughty slut

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Nothing wakes me up

like a naughty pet begging for a good, hard fuck!



Help me into my heels,

and slide these stockings up my legs.

Your lady’s going out tonight

no matter how much puppy begs.

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Look at you…

all dressed up and nowhere to go? It’d be a shame to waste such a sight, with you looking just the way I want you. Maybe I’ll pass you around, let everyone get an eyeful of my pretty pet. Have their fingers snap the waistband of your panties and drink in exactly what an obedient little girl looks like.

Or maybe mistress will keep you all to herself, and have this pretty little doll be mine alone to play with…




Let’s celebrate our independence

by tying you down and riding you ’til you’re red, white, and blue!

I’ll bet I can squeeze a squeal of celebration out of you.

Just one? Maybe two? A little twist of skin for three?

Or can you hold out for your mistress to have a really happy 4th…?


This little piggy went to market

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy begged Mistress for release

but that naughty little piggy got none.

Because why untie all that soft pink skin

when playing on the phone with piggy’s so fun?

stocking knots