Slutty Sunday

Feeling slutty? I know just the cure. Get on all fours. Focus your attention on me and repeat, “I am a cum slut”….

Do you need slut training?

Call me, I’m here until 9pm tonight (PST time)


Be my cum slave

Will you be my cum slut tonight?

I can make you….

Keeping it naughty until 9pm tonight!


Make me your whore

Please bend me over and give my ass the hard spanking it deserves.

I really would love a play-date tonight. I’m so wet and ready for you.


360-709-0100 (until 7pm)


Wanna Play?

What’s your favorite kinda play?

Wanna have a play date?

I’ll be around until 7pm (PST time).

Give me a call


Dirty and Raw…

Last night, I found the guy with one thing on his mind… I love it when I can find a guy or a girl who’ll talk dirty to me.

He shoved his hand up into my tank top and squeezed my tits telling me how hard and big his dick was getting. We left the party shortly after so we could get down to some dirty raw fucking.

Give me a call and I’ll tell you all the dick-throbbing details.

I still smell like sex….


Naughty Xxx-MAS Special

Hey everyone,

It’s that time of the year. Should I be naughty or nice?!? It’s so hard to decide. What do you deserve? I could treat you like a little toy, wrap you up tight  and leave you under my bed until I’m ready to use and abuse you.

I’m here until 7pm today and feeling especially naughty. Find out what’s going through my slutty thoughts.




I need a spanking!

Can someone help me out please?!?!

My ass is in dire need!


A big cock in my mouth…

One of my favorite fuck buddies came over to play with me last night. I wore a sexy satin little black dress and no panties to give him a nice surprise.  He kissed my neck, which always gets me wet. Then he grabbed my vibrator and started teasing my slutty little clit telling me how all I deserved was a “big cock in my mouth”. I was feeling especially salacious, so I got down on my hands and knees and started sucking his huge cock, going up and down, and up and down, while he teased my little fuck hole. The more he played with my pussy that tighter it got and the harder I sucked. My clit was screaming and dripping with “fuck me juice”. I wanted his cock in me so badly, but all I could do was suck his cock. What a torturous game!


Halloween Night

This year Halloween sure went off with a kinky bang! My outfit was absolutely perfect. I dressed up as sexy nurse wearing a super short white lab coat and black fishnet stockings that screamed “bend me over!”

I went to a fabulous party. There were so many cute boys to choose from. I spotted two friends in particular that really caught my eye. They were tall, handsome and were visiting from out of town. How much better could it get, right? I was about to find out.

As the night went on, we talked and danced. They were totally into me and each other. I asked the taller one if I could give him a physical exam and slipped my hand into his pants and felt his hard, throbbing cock, while the other one watched me and then also touched his cock. I asked them if they were feeling sick and needed a check-up. They said they were two very sick puppies. In order to help them I decided to give them both a physical examination in one of the upstairs bedroom. I took their pants off and watched their cocks turn rock hard as I bent over in front of them exposing my bare ass. Then I sucked them each off while the other took turns pounding me from behind.  After I got a mouth full of cum and a hard slap on the ass, I came screaming so hard that I almost fell over. Halloween proved to be the sexiest sluttiest night of the week, or month rather.




Sabrina’s Weekly Schedule

I’m naughty, exxxciting, sexy and sweet call me during these times to play:

Tuesday 8am-2pm

Saturday 11am-7pm

Sunday 2pm- 9pm

(Pacific Standard Time)

I can’t wait to make your fantasies cum true! ;)