Halloween Night

This year Halloween sure went off with a kinky bang! My outfit was absolutely perfect. I dressed up as sexy nurse wearing a super short white lab coat and black fishnet stockings that screamed “bend me over!”

I went to a fabulous party. There were so many cute boys to choose from. I spotted two friends in particular that really caught my eye. They were tall, handsome and were visiting from out of town. How much better could it get, right? I was about to find out.

As the night went on, we talked and danced. They were totally into me and each other. I asked the taller one if I could give him a physical exam and slipped my hand into his pants and felt his hard, throbbing cock, while the other one watched me and then also touched his cock. I asked them if they were feeling sick and needed a check-up. They said they were two very sick puppies. In order to help them I decided to give them both a physical examination in one of the upstairs bedroom. I took their pants off and watched their cocks turn rock hard as I bent over in front of them exposing my bare ass. Then I sucked them each off while the other took turns pounding me from behind.  After I got a mouth full of cum and a hard slap on the ass, I came screaming so hard that I almost fell over. Halloween proved to be the sexiest sluttiest night of the week, or month rather.



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