A Hot Weekend

I have a very special trip coming up the beginning of March and I am SO
excited for it. I love weddings just as much as anyone, but I love
bachelorette parties even more. This one promises to be quite a
celebration. The bars have already been selected. The strippers have
already been booked (both male and female). I’ve got my sexiest and
sluttiest outfit picked out. I’ll be in the big city with a bunch of my
drunk slutty friends and I’m sure you can imagine the kind of trouble
we’ll be getting into. We are going to be party night flirts to say the
least. I’m not the one getting married so I’ll be seeing this adventure
as a buffet and every cock as a chance to get my tight pussy filled. I’ll
be back nice and sore to have some hot sex on the phone with you because
this little whore can’t get enough.

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