A Little Pampering

Today will be a day of pampering. Spring is finally starting to peek it’s
sunny head out and I need to get ready for it. First up is a lovely
massage. It doesn’t include a “happy ending”, but it sure does leave my
pussy wet to have someone running their strong hands all over my naked
skin. I especially love the feeling of the hot oil against me. It gets
me all tingly.

I’m not sure if everyone will agree with me, but I get so aroused when I
get my pussy waxed. There’s just something about another person looking
and poking and prodding at my pussy that gets me soaked. Even the
stinging pain of the waxing gets me so worked up. Plus it gets so
sensitive. I always wear silky panties so I can feel them rubbing against
my freshly waxed cunt. It’s like my own special orgasm denial.

Then of course is a special date with my favorite big dicked stud. Large
cocks and tight smooth pussies are just a perfect match and I can’t let a
sensitive pussy go to waste.

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