A night’s entertainment

I’m in the mood for a party and I’d like for you to be the guest of honor. We can spend the evening getting ready since you have to look your very best. After your bath, we’ll wax all of the hair off your body so you’re nice and smooth. Then, of course, it will be time for your enema. I can tell you’re getting nervous as I push the nozzle inside. You have no idea what’s going to happen to you tonight, but you know that I’m in charge and you’ll be nothing but a slut to use. You’re going to hold that enema through the cramping until I give you permission to release. When you’re all clean inside and out I’ll get you dressed. I’ve picked out a pair of silky panties and sexy little nightie. They match perfectly with the collar I’ve chosen for the night. You feel so sexy and slutty, don’t you? When we are finally ready to leave, I put you into a pair of high heels. Now you feel even sluttier. After a long car ride we arrive at the spot. You enter on your hands and knees into a dark room. It’s beautiful and big with men and women lounging with their martinis waiting for the night’s entertainment. Their eyes light up when the see my slut enter because now the party can really start.
What do you think happens next?

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