Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “B”

B is for Blue Balls: Everyone knows that I *love* cum. I love everything about it. When I say “everything” I’m including making you hold it in your balls. It is so sexy to get a man rock hard (by any means necessary) and making him stay that way. Of course, I like to play the cock and the balls. I like to stroke and caress and spank, and lick and suck and all of those other goodies. I also like to do all of those things without a release of white, sticky cum. I love watching the cock get so hard that it twitches with even the tiniest touch. I love seeing the head get bright purple. I love seeing the balls get tight and tense just waiting to expel that liquid. I love watching the look on a gentleman’s face change from pleasure to agony with each stroke and each firm “No! Not yet!” that comes out of my mouth. And I especially love the sounds of panting and whimpering and then the begging. The sound of a grown man begging get my nipples so hard and gets my pussy so wet. I get so turned on that my little cunt needs some relief. Since I’m the one in charge, I’ll almost always opt to let you watch me finger myself to orgasm. It’s very important that you keep stroking during my solo adventure. That’s what gets me so hot. If you can’t control yourself and end up squirting I hope you are prepared to take the consequences.

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