Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “C”

C is for Crossdressing
Even when I was a little girl I loved playing dress up. Of course I loved putting things on myself, but I also really enjoyed dressing up my brothers and their friends. I was a very convincing young thing. I could talk the most hetero guy into putting on lipstick and a dress just by being cute. As I’ve gotten older I’ve honed my skills a bit. I’ve also learned that there are some boys that enjoy being dressed up. The day I learned that my heart was full. What is sexier than a man in something frilly and lacy and pink? I’m not just talking about panties. I’m talking full outfits. Panties, bras, stockings, dresses, heels, wigs, makeup. The whole deal! I love picking out the perfect outfit for my breathing paperdolls. I love the blushing that starts to happen when the guy realizes how much he’s enjoying the sensation of the girly fabrics against his skin. I love seeing how his body language changes from almost macho into something more feminine as he gives me more and more control. I love stripping all of that masculinity as I add each new piece of clothing. He’s giving me all of this power and the more he gives the more I want. Once I see how hard my outfit has made you then all hope is gone, little sissy. You’re in trouble and should be nervous about what happens next.

1 comment to Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “C”

  • Brian

    Losing all control to you is so hot & sexy. Knowing that our roles have been reversed and I’ll have the wet hole as you’ll have the hard rod is making me hard. Thigh highs and heels! Love the thought! Hike up my skirt and have your way with me.

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