Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “E”

E is for Exit Only
I love strap on sex. I love the feeling of power that overcomes me when I pull that harness up my legs. I love looking down at my big purple dildo between my legs. I look and feel so sexy. I love fucking boys and girls with my perfect cock, but there’s one thing that is the absolute hottest to me. I completely adore fucking boys up the ass. It can’t be just any boy. I like fucking the boys that don’t know how much they want it. The ones that have never had anything up their butts. The boys that tense up just when I push my finger against their tight hole. They ones that say “just suck my cock. I don’t want any of that gay stuff”. Those silly boys don’t know how easy it is to get them to do anything if their dick is hard enough. All I have to do is suck and play with their cock for long enough and they’ll be begging for me to fuck them. My favorite position is for the virgin to get on all fours. I’m nice at first. I massage his back. I run my fingers over his ass cheeks. I put lube on my finger so it slides in nice and easy. I tell him to relax while I make him watch me strap it on. His eyes always get big when he sees all 7 inches. He says he doesn’t think he can take something that big. What he doesn’t know is that he no longer has any control. He’ll take what I tell him to take. I make sure it’s nice and slippery. I get behind him and just push. The first part is always the most difficult. Once the head pops into his asshole it’s all easy from there. I force it all the way in just like I said I would. When it’s all the way in, I push my big tits against his back and whisper in his ear “You feel like a slut now, don’t you?”. The feeling is too intense for him to answer, but I can tell by his breathing that it feels better than anything he’s ever felt and there’s no way he wants me to stop.

So how do you like it? Hard or soft?

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