Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “G”

G is for Gagging

I love being a cocksucker. I just get such a sense of pride feeling a dick get hard in my mouth and then feeling it shoot it’s sticky load right down my throat. There are times that I enjoy you just laying there while I service your cock. You can just lay back while I stroke and lick and suck you to ecstasy. Then there are times that I require you being a little more active. I find it incredibly sexy to be on my knees or squatting down in front of you with nothing but panties on. You’re standing right in front of me with your big, hard dick right in front of my face. You’re looking down at me and can see how much I want it. I need it. I have my mouth open and my tongue out. You tease me first by slapping the head of your cock against my tongue and rubbing it all over my cute face. Finally when your cock is dripping precum and it’s sticking to my cheeks you push the head inside my wanting mouth. I immediately wrap my lips tight around it, not wanting to let it back out. I start sucking. Once I get the head nice and wet you start pumping it in and out of my mouth. The more excited you get the deeper you push it down my throat. I have a sensitive gag reflex, but I promise my cunt gets the wet the more I gag. The feeling of my throat trying to push your member out just gets you more excited so you push deeper and just hold it there so you can feel my muscles spasm around your shaft. To make it even tighter you wrap your hand around my neck. You’re not choking me, just applying some pressure. Like you’re jacking yourself off with my throat. It’s so hot to be used as a hole to shove your hard meat into. With me being the blowjob artist that I am, I know it won’t be long until you spurt. Where do you want it? Right down my throat? All over my nice big titties? How about my face?

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