Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “J”

J is for Jugs

One of the first things that people notice about me (besides the red hair) are my fairly large breasts. Even during the winter when I’m bundled up they are pretty visible. Ever since they first started to develop I’ve understood how attractive they are. The boys were always wanting to grope them, kiss them, play with them, and rub their dicks on them. Today most of the guys that I have sex with end up fucking my tits and spraying at least one load all of them. I can’t seem to help myself; I have to either rub the cum all over my perfect globes or have a taste of their fresh jizz off of my skin. Sometimes I’ll even let the cum dry on my breasts and go out so I can watch the men’s faces when they’ve noticed my glazed tits. It is so sexy to watch a cock disappear into my cleavage and see the head reappear and disappear as he fucks the shit out of my knockers. It’s especially hot when he’s holding onto them tight and squeezing and manhandling them. I love having them roughed up. The more marks the better. I love having them slapped around REALLY hard so that they get nice and red. Or having them whipped or flogged until I scream for you to stop. My tits look so hot when they are all bruised up and swollen and my nipples are hard for days because they’ve been just mangled. I consider this foreplay. The main event is the titty-fucking. That way when you’re holding them together and squeezing with your big strong hands they are nice and sore so I can feel every pump of your dick. I dare you to look at my picture and not daydream about emptying your balls all over that creamy white flesh.

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