Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “L”

L is for Lactation

Maybe it’s my biological clock ticking or maybe I’m just a pervert, but lately I’ve been watching a lot of videos involving women with big, milk filled tits getting the shit fucked out of them. I’m happier than a girl at the circus when I get to watch her getting pounded from behind while he’s milking her tits. It’s so hot to watch the milk squirt out of her while she’s moaning like a good little whore. I hear all of the hormones and such make a woman even hornier so she probably needs that big dick more than I do. Probably not, I’m a pretty huge slut.

When I see stuff like that I always get so turned out that my mind gets even filthier than what they usually show. I see him plowing his dick into her and squeezing her tits and of course thing that those milk bags need to be titty fucked so the milk can be used as lubricant. I get so turned on watching his reindeer sized dong working in and out of her tits until he sprays his own white mess all over her.

Of course, I want to be right there in the middle of the action licking and sucking both of their messes off of her huge tits. I can only imagine how good semen and breastmilk taste together. I bet it’s a delicious mix of salty and sweet.

Want to join me in the perversion or maybe you’d like to add your own?

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