Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “N”

N is for No Limits

Think you’ve heard it all? You probably haven’t. It’s really hard to believe, but I am a pretty perverted girl. The dirty thoughts going through my head would blow your mind. I love EVERYTHING. Very few things get me hotter than the taboo. When I say “no limits” I also mean that as a submissive. Believe it or not, I can be quite a good one. I get a little bratty, but I’m sure you can handle it. It’s a pretty fun game to see if you can break me or beg me to stop. You probably can’t, but you can try. In fact, even if I beg to stop please don’t believe me. I really don’t want you to. If you need me to have a safe word we can play that way, but I promise I don’t need one. Breathe play? Totally! Knife play? You know it! Piercing? Oh yeah! Torture of any kind? Please! Especially on my tits. Fisting? Yes! I even know the perfect girls to do it to me. I do have two holes. You can tie me up and fuck me until I can’t even hold myself up. It can be human, animal or mineral. It all feels good in my tight cunt.

I really only have two rules. 1). I don’t call just anyone Sir. You have to prove it to me. 2). I will need to cum

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