Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “P”

P is for Pervy Pop Culture

There are two things that I absolutely can’t live without. One of them is sex obviously. The other is pretty much anything media related. I’m talking books, movies, music, games, and everything else. Even when I was much younger I would combine the two. All little girls fantasize about Charlotte tying them up in her web, right? Of course that dirty, nasty pig Wilber is watching while Charlotte pokes and prods and teases my hot body. I guess you could say I have (and had) a very active imagination. As I grew up, my fantasies became a bit darker. A lot of them involved me being tied up (see a theme?) while Wolvervine from X-Men practiced his knife play on my delicate skin with his giant Adamantium claws.

To this day, most of my fantasies and ideas for roleplays come from movies and books. There are thousands of ideas floating around in my head all of the time. My brain is constantly taking in information and turning it totally filthy.

Since I just shared some embarrassing things to you, it’s only fair that you share some with me. I can’t be the only one who masturbates to cartoons and comic books.

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