Awwww. I’m blushing!

Dear Autumn –

Thank You so much for talking today. It feels so nice to talk with You.

Which is something we’ve been doing for awhile. It must be years now. It feels to me that there are a lot of reasons i love talking with You so much. You have a tremendous strength and power, which i felt early on, and of course for me that’s very appealing since i long to be submissive to someone who is also considerate, intuitive, and empathic. And, of course, strong. i‘m strong in ways also, but it’s different. You’re powerful. You see things, not just here and now in the moment but in more far-ranging terms. Not like You imagine Yourself taking over the world, though I guess You might since we’ve never really talked about that (and if You did I’d wish You all the luck and we’d all be better off), but that You’re far sighted: You see things not only for what they are at a particular, fleeting moment in time but what they are on a more far-sighted level. It may be that at times i have glimmers of that, but I tend to be more micro-oriented in my thinking. You’re more clear-minded. And disciplined. i envy those things, and I admire that at times You choose to share those things with me.

Eeek. That’s a lot. i m sorry. i shouldn’t babble on like that. Years ago, i met a woman who was dominant in many ways. Entitled. Selfish. To me, annoying. She was bombastic and arrogant and annoying where You are polite and gracious and helpful.

It’s much easier for me to respond to You. With her, i simply shut down and left. With You, it is much more comfortable. Thank You. i feel i‘m lucky to know You.


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