Bubble Baths and Bourbon

We are entering the cold, gray and wet season here in Washington. It can take a bit of adjusting and I make sure I pamper myself so I’m prepared for the dark season. I decided to make last night a self care night. I opted to stay home instead of hitting the town. I bought myself some nice bourbon. I went to my favorite store for fancy bath stuff. I even got myself a new scented candle. After the sun went down, I went into the bathroom to draw myself a bath. I lit my new candle. I turned off the lights. I dropped my sparkly bath bomb into the water. It felt so nice to strip down and slide into the warm sudsy water. I laid back, closed my eyes and just let myself soak. I don’t know how long I was in there, but it was just enough to renew me. I dried myself off then put on my favorite lotion so my skin was smooth. Now I’m here feeling so sexy. It’s been the perfect self care weekend.
How would you pamper and spoil me?

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