Bye Bye Summer

This is the last official weekend of Summer so we’re heading into my
everyone’s favorite season, Autumn. How can you not think of me when the
weather starts to get a little more crisp, sweaters start to get a little
tighter, boots start to come out of the closet and skirts with tights are
everywhere? I look and feel so sexy in my Fall “uniform”. It’s not as
revealing as my summer wardrobe but I feel like all eyes are on me
anyways. It requires a little more imagination to picture what my big
tits look and feel like under the sweater. You’ll have to stare a little
longer to get a good mental image of what my ass looks like under my
skirt. Can you guess what kind of panties I’m wearing under my soft
tights? I’m such a tease and I don’t even have to try. I just have to be
myself and people can’t help but stare.
What’s your favorite Autumn outfit?

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