Goodbye for now

As you know I am currently in school to finish my degree.  Next quarter
promises to be a very difficult one for me since the classes will be more
intense and I will also be starting an internship as well.  Because of
this, I will be taking some time away from YourDesires.  My time here and
playing with you has been incredibly special which makes this decision
much more difficult for me.  I know that my dear friends here will take
fantastic care of you.  If you need any advice on which ladies might be a
good fit for you you can ask Melanie at  She
has taken great care to get to know each of us and our strengths.  I trust
her to guide you in the right direction.
Sometimes opportunities come up that are too great to ignore and now is
one of those times for me. Wish me luck on this adventure.

"I will always be the virgin-prostitute, the perverse angel, the two-faced
sinister and saintly woman."
Anais Nin

4 comments to Goodbye for now

  • sss

    I know you will excel in any endeavor you wish to pursue. You possess unlimited talents and a natural charisma that some of have never been able to achieve. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you find happiness in all that you do. I miss you Princess, I hope one day you will return YD and make me smile again.

  • I am happy for you Princess Autumn. You will be missed. I am grateful to have been Your property slave for the past few years. I also wish you good luck with you education and your new internship. You were often a very busy girl while working at Your desires. This speaks volumes as to how popular you were during your time at Your Desires. You are intellegent, kind and a wonderful person. I adored serving you. Best heartfelt wishes to you and good luck. Hope your future is full of joy. I will gladly resume my role as your property if you should ever grace us with your presence at yourdesires again.
    Your property slave dennis


    Ah, dear Autumn! This news is good to read! May your future be bright! I needn’t give good fortune wishes to you because highly intelligent women such as yourself make your own fortunes. I will say that O/our time together has gotten me through some bad times and I thank You for your kindnesses and your badnesses! ;) My good thought and wishes for good things to come to you go with you wherever you are and whatever you do.

  • sss

    i miss You Princess Autumn

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