It Sure Is HOT!

We are getting to the hottest part of year. It’s that time of year where
it’s so warm I don’t even feel like putting clothes on when I’m at the YD
house. During the whole month of August I tend to just lounge around in
my sexy, little panties. It’s just too darn hot to wear much else. My
big tits are out on full display and get instantly hard whenever I walk by
one of the fans. The cool air from the fan hitting my pink nipple sends a
nice tingle all the way down to my pussy. Not thinking about my pussy is
almost impossible when it’s the only thing that’s covered up. Sometimes I
try to tease myself by not touching the panties at all and only playing
with my exposed nipples. Can you imagine how long that lasts before I
have to spread my legs and slide my hand in and play with all of that
yummy wetness? I can give you more examples of how I tease myself and get
my panties soaking wet. Summer can get pretty long so I have to entertain
myself or I’ll just get myself into trouble. Maybe you’d like to
entertain me?

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