It’s Gonna Be A Hot One

I really don’t care much for all this hot weather, but I am a girl who
looks on the bright side of everything. This scorching summer means I get
to wear my shortest skirts, dresses and my sexiest panties. You all know
that I am a panty addict. I love all kinds of panties as long as they
feel good against my bare pussy. The softer the wetter I get. The
rubbing of the silk or lace just gets me going and, of course, leaving
dampness right at that sweet spot. It gets even better when there’s a
summer breeze to lift the barely there skirt or dress flashing anyone
who’s checking out my ass (because who isn’t). I’ve given many men and
women a good show walking through town and I don’t even bother trying to
cover up. Subtle “accidental” flashes are my gift to the world and you’re
welcome for it. I can only imagine how badly you’d love to see those
peeks of my girly panties. Or, even better, feel these soft panties
against your cock while I’m talking dirty to you. If you ever want to
experience the pleasure of jerking off with my panties just let me know
and it can easily be arranged.
What are your favorite type of panties?

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