Do You Like Panties?

Yesterday was a pretty warm day so all I wanted to do was lounge around in my undies in front of a nice, cool fan. Luckily one of my favorite panty sluts requested a pair of wet panties from me so he could smell me while he jerked his hard dick. I started by taking a shower. I used my favorite body wash to cover my naked body in bubbles and let my hands slip and slide all over my body. When I stepped out of the shower I toweled off with a fluffy towel before rubbing my favorite lightly scented lotion all over my clean skin. Paying extra special attention to my hard nipples, juicy ass and creamy thighs, of course. Next I slipped into the special panties I had picked out of my friend. They were the softest and laciest panties and felt so good against my smooth cunt. I went back into my bedroom to stretch out on my bed with the fan blowing against my damp skin. I wanted to make those panties as wet as I possibly could so I knew I had to tease myself so my juices leaked through the thin panties. I closed my eyes and imagined how hard his cock was going to get and how furiously he was going to stroke it for me and my panties. That really got my going and I was just tracing the outline of my lips through the soft fabric and could feel them getting warmer. Once they got wet enough I could slip my fingers right inside those panties to rub a bit harder. I’m sure you can imagine how soaked I was. I rubbed and rubbed my hard clit and was grinding against the panties to make sure they soaked up every drop of my sweet nectar. I have no idea how long I was rubbing until I came, but I came SO hard.
I mailed out those panties today and I can’t wait until he gets them so we can play with them. It will just get me all turned on again and I’ll have another wet pair of panties.

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