My Fantastic Weekend

As much as I love playing with all of the boys and girls here, I also love having a few days to hang out and do other fun things.  My “weekend” this week was lovely as usual.

Of course Tuesday was the big election and I have a not so hidden passion for politics.  Not everyone shares my enthusiasm which is why this year I made up some fun election themed games for my submissive friends to play.  You can trust me when I say that they probably payed as much attention to this years election as I did.

Wednesday was a day of relaxation.  I went to my favorite spa for some much needed R and R.  I was even treated to a body scrub.  They are perfect for people (like myself) who enjoy sensation play.  Those little scrubbers hurt just enough to get my mind wandering to it’s most filthy places and to get my pussy oh so wet.  I knew this would become an issue for me.  I’m not very good with the whole “prolonging pleasure” thing so I made sure to schedule a body wrap right after.  With my body wrapped up so tight it made it impossible to finger this hot pussy like I badly needed.  You can imagined how worked up I was when I left the place.  It’s a good thing I had a hot guy with a big cock to fuck the shit out of me when I left.

Now I get to be here hanging out with you guys.  This is the perfect life for a sex fiend.

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