Naughty Panty Sniffer

I know he’s been sneaking into my bedroom at night to see if I have left a
pair of dirty panties in my hamper. I think he wants me to catch him or
he’s so horny he doesn’t care if I see him. Today is the day I confront
him. It makes me so horny to know he’s jerking off to my damp panties and
now it’s time to get what I want. He most certainly doesn’t want anyone
to know his dirty secret. I’ll just promise him that it can stay between
the two of us as long as he does exactly what I say. We’ll start with his
face between my thighs getting this fresh pair of panties night and wet.
Once he has a taste then he’ll be all mine and I’ll get to use his body
for my pleasure. I’ve got some big plans for that big cock.
What would you be willing to do for a taste of these pretty panties?

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