Never A Dull Moment

I always consider Thursdays to be the beginning of my week and there are
so many things to love about it. I’m here late into the evening so I get
to talk to all the naughty boys and girls who like to get into some dirty
fun after their work day. It’s my longest day so I get to lounge around
in barely any clothes without having the worry of getting dressed again to
head out into the world. The cherry on the top of the creamy sundae is
the sexy ladies I get to hang out with. Layla, Emily, Chloe, Christie,
Laura and Asia are always so much fun to play with (or fuck with, tease
with, torture with) and with such a long day I’m promised to have time to
play with each one of them. How could I possibly get bored with such a
sexy buffet in front of me every Thursday? I promise that with this sexy
bunch, Thursdays will be your favorite day of the week too.

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