One down…

My fabulous birthday plan has started to come to fruition.  I got my first hearty birthday fuck tonight and it was SO hot.  Rachel really pounded into me while our dear submissive lady got to listen.  I didn’t count how many orgasms I had, but I’m told it was about four.  She even got to share some of the spankings with me.   I’m hoping that this is just the beginning of the celebrations because I know my tits, pussy, ass and mouth can sure handle a lot more.  Plus, I’ve still got a list of girls to fuck through.  Who’s next?

1 comment to One down…

  • Jane

    By the end of the night I had four too! That was MEGA hot. Surely everyone is going to want in on some of that fucking and celebrating your doing. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing some of your birthday spankings!

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