Rest On This Hot Day

The news tells me that it’s sweltering all over the country except for here. It’s actually almost chilly where I am. It must be so difficult to get all hot and sweaty playing with me when you’ve started out all hot and sweaty.
Why don’t you just get all comfy and let me do all the work? You can lay there with the fan blowing on you while I start to slowly undress in front of you. Each item of my clothing will start to come off while you get harder and harder. Imagine how erect you’ll be when you finally get to see my glorious big tits right in front of your face. When I crawl onto the bed, kneeling right between your legs I’ll be so close to your throbbing dick I’ll be able to see the precum starting to leak out. How could I not bend over to just lick that clear drop off? My ass will go up in the air and you’ll feel my heavy breasts against your thigh. Look into the mirror behind me so you can watch my fingers sink into my wet pussy while I take you into my mouth.
What better way to “beat” the heat than by feeling a cool breeze on your body while your dick is in my warm, wet mouth?

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