Sexy and Spooktacular

Halloween is almost here and most of you know it’s my favorite time of year.  For one, I love all things dark and scary.  Some of my favorite roleplays and fantasies could be a little too twisted but seem right at home during this time of year. Horror movies give me some pretty great inspiration for what to do with all you naughty boys and girls.  I’m sure some of my dark thoughts have scared more than one of you.

I also love the sexy costumes.  I dress pretty revealing most of the time, but this time of year I get to step it up a notch.  With all the pretty girls dressing as naughty nurses and witches, I have a bit more competition and I am always up for a challenge.  I haven’t quite decided what I’ll be this year, but I have a few ideas that will turn some heads.

Besides me, what’s your favorite Halloween treat?

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