A Simple Hello

I got this email today and thought it would serve as some reminders to all of you sissy and subbie little sluts.
1). Just because you think it’s a simple hello doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t twist your words into a command for my entertainment.
2). Just because I’m not here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking of me or serving me.
3). To me, training is a group effort which requires utilizing all of the special skills my fellow YD Ladies have to offer.

“On Friday i made the mistake of saying HI to Mistress Autumn and mentioned that i have had so little time lately.

Explaining that my weekends have been filled lately with buttoning down things for winter,
except when i spend Sunday mornings sitting, grading papers here at my desk.

Somehow (*whine*) She heard it as
“slut is home alone and at his desk so is to be wearing something slutty and tight”


And that “slut has to tell people because She was gone for the weekend.

Now i am wearing this while i grade papers.
Stripey panties, ring (still from Friday night) at the base of my clitty and ovies, knee hi’s, bra and tight shirt, stretch pants.

Thank You


Your slut”

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