Such Sweet Words…

Dearest Autumn,

There is something especially wicked about what you have done with me in the past forcing me to the edge over-and-over with that deliciously sexy and teasing voice. All the while coaxing me on almost making it feel as though it truly is something I desire this denial versus release. This fucks with my head and yet in some crazy way it makes me want to please and obey because all the while this is what you so sincerely tell me to do. That the focus should be on you and not my coming. So I am taken down ever lower and lower still.

You would abruptly leave me there oftentimes hanging on the edge and I would hear, “Bye pet”. My mind would be left swirling trying to grasp what just happened not knowing how to make sense of it all.

Well my love last night after far too long my Goddess Haylee called you up. And pet was already edging and the mercy of you both. I could hear your soft voices chatting about me and talking about how I was in need of this training and discipline because of my naughtiness of late.

In seconds I was floating in subspace forced to listen to you and Goddess Haylee’s teasing banter. Goddess Haylee laughed at my writhing as she described it to you and then she requested that you take me there to the edge where in reality I already was. You took me there the first time and I was able to hang on so frustratingly difficult as it was. But then came the second edging no long after and I started to think there wasn’t much possibly of hanging back. Amazingly, I was able to endure though I was brought so thoroughly low groveling and writhing like a little fuck bitch.

Upon the third edging going into it I knew I was ruined! The both of you giggling saying perhaps we should milk that cum out of his cock. I found myself on the edge instantly under the softness and control of your voice Autumn and I was forced to ruin my orgasm. There was absolutely nothing left within me to do otherwise.

The two of you took me down. Goddess Haylee thanked you saying how wonderful she thought our time together was and the instant she hung up she turned to me saying disdainfully, “I told you earlier you wouldn’t last 15 minutes!”. Then she chided, “I hope you enjoyed your call”.

I scrambled grabbing my laptop to tell you just how thankful I was for your taking the time to let us call you telling you how brilliant you were and how we so looked forward to our next call together. All before signing off for the evening. Your pet felt like weeping before going off to sleep due to the intensity of the paces he had been put through.

Thank you again Autumn for playing with Goddess Haylee and I and participating in my training and discipline helping guide us to where your pet needs to be so low at your perfect feet.

Your broken lowly pet

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