Sweet Celebrations

Me being the princess I am, means I completely adore being adored. There are some nights that I get absolutely pampered for no reason. Nights much like tonight. Following an amazing dinner I got pretty pink cupcakes and yummy red wine. When I arrived here, I got to take a nice steamy bubble bath while massaging my hands all over my soaking wet body. Then, my brand new toy got quite the workout while watching videos with one of my naughty boys. I got to tease a sweet young thing with an even sweeter young thing in sexy striped panties. Of course I was nice enough to let him cum right in the crotch so she could walk around with a creampie leaking out of them and down her thighs. There was a nice role reversal of me getting to play with my cunt while a sexy man talked dirty to me. Sometimes it’s nice to just lay back and let someone coo filthy perverted things in my ear. I can’t forget about my time watching my shiteater jerk off his big dick. It’s been one of those weekends where I’m pretty sure everyone on the planet is jealous they aren’t me.
Happy Fourth of July everyone. I hope it’s filled with lots of banging and explosions.

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