The Birthday Countdown Begins!

It is less that one month until this little slut’s birthday.  Can you tell I get pretty excited?  Who wouldn’t get excited about a whole day devoted to me? 

Some people would say that giving people a month notice of my birthday would be too much, but I actually consider it a favor.  It means I’m giving you plenty of time to figure out how to make my birthday (or birth month) the best ever. 

I am a spoiled brat who absolutely loves being showered with gifts, but what I really want is for all of my darlings to call me so we can celebrate me together. What better celebration than super hot playtimes?!?

I’m a complicated girl with so many interests so I think it’s fair for me to take a whole month to explore them all! 

6 comments to The Birthday Countdown Begins!

  • mmm Maybe I could give to you what I gave to Jordan?

  • Ooooh Happy Early Birthday Babe!!!! You definitely need at LEAST a month for the proper preparation – however I DID just get a new strap on for my bday, maybe I’ll stop by tomorrow when youre working and give you a nice big birthday insertion.

  • slaveling

    Goddess Autumn is PERFECTION! Allowing Her slut touch but no cumming… *kissing Her perfect feet in gratitude*

  • Slutty

    I try to stay away from complicated girls but you have some magical charm that continues to draw me in. I’ll be sure to celebrate your birthday with you by calling and wish I could witness the insertion but I think my excellent imagination gives me a pretty clear visual.

  • Jane

    Hmmmmm Moderation?

  • Jane

    Okay I see what moderation is now. Anyway as I was saying I try to stay away from complicated girls but you have a magical way of continuing to draw me to you. I will be happy to help celebrate your birthday with a special call and would really like to witness the insertion but fortunately my excellent imagination gives me a pretty clear visual :D

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