Wanna Buy A House?

Today I got to do a super hot roleplay. I’m a realtor showing a house.
The house is currently occupied by the owner, but she gives me the go
ahead to bring a potential buyer over while she’s home. I let her know
what time we’ll be over so she can get ready. Once we arrive everything
goes the same as it always does when I show a house. Until we get to the
master bedroom, that is. I open the door and the lady of the house is
laying on the bed with her panties pulled down to her knees. One of her
hands is on her tit and the other is rubbing her pussy. The whole room
smells like sex. She has obviously been teasing herself for quite some
time. Of course, my clients cock got instantly hard and I was starting to
get a bit wet myself. She knew exactly what she was doing and wanted us
to “catch” her in the act. Luckily for her and my client I was in the
mood for a threesome.
Guess who got to taste me first.

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